Lou’s birthday Campaign for Opening Doors Association

This year, I'm celebrating my birthday in a unique way by turning it into a chance to make a real impact. Instead of traditional gifts, I'm asking for your support in my fundraiser.

Lou Birthday September 23, 2023 at 7:00 am
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Project Description

Opening Doors Association is the organisation that I hold most to heart.

The association works to create platforms for the active involvement of adults with intellectual disabilities in creative ad artistic processes. It works to create a public space for people to experience the creative expression and experience of people with intellectual disabilities. It is an organisation where people with intellectual disabilities are empowered to own their creative processes and shared with non-disabled people through integrated creative processes as well as public performances.

The association develops ambitious projects that range from community participation sessions, to integrated public performances that are part of high-level national festivals such as Ziguzajg. For all this work, it engages an artistic director, proficient artistic leaders, as well as administrative support. It is towards these ends that I wish to support this organisation with a little contributary effort from this birthday campaign. Please help me help them 🙂

Opening Doors Association is a not-for-profit organisation registered and compliant with the  voluntary organisation with the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

Featured Image: Credit to Camille Fenech

🌼 How you can help:

  • Donate: Click the funding tier that corresponds to the amount that you wish to donate to make a secure donation. Your generosity will directly impact the growth of this organisation and the people that it works with.
  • Spread the Word: Share this campaign with your friends and family. Your network’s support can amplify our efforts and bring more awareness to this cause.
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