Lovin l-Istrina

Help us raise money for Malta's annual celebration of charity and local community goodness: L-Istrina!

Lovin Malta Community December 3, 2018 at 4:05 pm
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Project Description

Lovin Malta’s team will be taking on a series of… challenges with a twist this festive season in the run up to L-Istrina, Malta’s largest annual live charity event. With your help, we can all do our bit to give back to the community, so why not have some fun doing it along the way?

All you have to do is, donate as much money as you want to help us reach our goal, and unlock team milestones. Once a milestone has been unlocked, our Lovin Malta team members have to take on one of the many challenges below, and post a video on social media our our trials and tribulations. We’ll need your help to spread the message of Lovin L-Istrina to make sure we hit our target (and beyond) and get every single Lovin Malta team member to take our their funny, athletic (maybe even disgusting) challenges.

Head of Sales Luke, and Creative Executive Sandie must take to the streets and go carolling
MILESTONE 2: €1,000
Political editor Tim, and videographer Johann must wax their legs and/or chests
MILESTONE 3: €1,500
Personality extraordinaire Chucky, and Creative Executive Rachel must pole dance
MILESTONE 4: €2,000
Head of Business Xaggy and COO Bettina must stay handcuffed for a day
MILESTONE 5: €2,500
Founder and CEO Chris, and news editor David must shave their heads
MILESTONE 6: €3,000
Journalists Johnathan and Elsa must eat a raw egg
MILESTONE 7: €3,500
In-house vegetarians, Head of Social Media Matt, and journalist Becca, must eat a bug
MILESTONE 8: €4,000
Sales Executive Siane, and journalist Steffie must dye their hair a bright colour
MILESTONE 9: €4,500
Creative Director Kira, and Managing Director Luca must each get a tattoo
MILESTONE 10: €5,000
The whole Lovin Malta team must take to Malta’s seas for a quick winter dip
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