MARA at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Help The New Victorians and the MARA cast take their original show to the Pleasance Theatre

The New Victorians Culture April 23, 2019 at 6:00 pm
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Project Description

THE MARA-THON Episode 1: The Crowdfunder 

MARA is an original, multidisciplinary piece, celebrating women through time by means of sound manipulation and electro-acoustic music, performed live by The New Victorians. It is an ensemble-driven piece starring an all-female Maltese company. From inventors and scientists, to artists and activists. From musicians and politicians, to writers, to fighters, to mothers. MARA is an audio-theatrical journey through time, highlighting the fact that every story is worth telling, and that no voice should be silenced.

The MARA journey has been a long one! Since our first performance in 2016, we have continued to work tirelessly on developing this work. We’ve performed to sold-out audiences in Malta, as well as at the National Theatre of Scotland’s Exchange Festival in Inverness in 2018.  In February we took the show to London’s largest arts festival, The Vault Festival in Waterloo, where we hoped to get exposure on an international level. Following a number of meetings and discussions there, we were offered a prime slot at the Pleasance Theatre for the full Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August at the King Dome [non-theatre folk, THIS IS A BIG DEAL, we promise].

Of course, this is a dream for us since it would mean getting the chance to represent Malta at one of the most renowned venues at the Fringe…but we need your help!

We need to raise the funds to cover costs for:

  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Living Costs

Taking a show to the Ed Fringe is extremely expensive but we’re ready to do whatever it takes to take this female story overseas!

Why should you help?

Supporting the first all-female Maltese company to take a show of this size to such a prestigious venue is the main reason! But you will also be able to get your hands on a list of exciting perks, among them:

  • the return of our beloved Thank You videos in an accent of your choice
  • honorable mentions
  • workshops in devised theatre, sound design and songwriting
  • free merchandise
  • free tickets to our local MARA shows

We are lucky to have the support of some AMAZING sponsors [V Squared, Fino, Ecco, AirMalta, FM Theatre Productions, St Michael’s Foundation], but we’re still a way away!  We need to raise Eur 10,000 to make this dream a reality.

Will you help? Make a direct donation. Donations of any size mean the world to us. Share this video and page with your friends and family on social media. Get your hands on tickets to one of our upcoming MARA-thon events and join the fun!

Your support means the world and it’s only because of your help that we’ve managed to get this far.


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