Restoration of the vandalised memorial

Help re-install a memorial after it was cowardly vandalised - a memorial dedicated to all those who have left this world.

Ivan Castillo Community October 29, 2020 at 10:13 am
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Project Description

Please enjoy the view, peace and tranquility. Cherish loved ones and those closest to you . Enjoy life

That is what was engraved on the memorial bench dedicated to a wife and the love of Mr Gray’s life and mum, a best friend and and the sunshine of her daughters life. It was a memorial to a loved one, Ms Anita Gray. It was a bench which gave solace to many who have lost, to sit look at the breath taking views and to remind people of memories of loved ones who have left us. it was a bench that many took the time to visit.

But that was all taken from us on the 21/10/2020 when heartless cowards vandalised the bench by destroying it, and with it, destroyed the solace it brought to so many. It is easy to talk and also expected to condemn such an acts and in many cases politicians are criticised for just talking, but this hit to close to home, so I decided to do something about it, with the help of many, I am going to try to see that this memorial is back in it’s place.


Help me in this cause by donating what you can and I will keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you

Ivan Castillo

A note sent to me from Lesley Sudiro – the Daughter of Anita.

Anita and Brian fell in love in Scotland and then they both fell in love with Malta 16 years ago. Their love of music brought them to Mellieha and the Imperial Band Club where Anita’s passion for music went beyond the keyboards and she joined Brian to learn to play the saxaphone together. Anita and Brian as a couple brought fun and laughter and warmth to the people they met along the way and Anita will be remembered for being the kind of person who could find an answer to any problem no matter how big or how small. If it was important to you then Anita would keep looking until she found a way that probably most people would never think of.

Anita’s brave fight with cancer came to an end on 17 August 2018 when both Brian and their daughter Lesley were by Anita’s side. It was Anita’s wish to be remembered in a special place that meant something to Anita and Brian. Most days Brian will be out walking around Mellieha and it’s common to see Brian walking up by the Red Tower. So Anita asked if a memorial bench could be put in a beautiful spot so Brian as well as others could enjoy the view and be happy with their lives.

After the honour of Anita’s coffin being marched down to the church in Mellieha with the Imperial Band Club members, Brian together with a small group of friends (special thanks to our Keith Turner) arranged for Anita’s memorial bench to be installed just over one year ago on 11 October 2019.

If you’d like to help us raise money to replace Anita’s memorial seat that was vandalised on 21 October 2020, any donation will be gratefully received.

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