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Help us refurbish the MSPCAs Charity shops and bring in more funds for the Floriana Rehoming Centre.

MSPCA Community May 6, 2020 at 12:34 pm
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Project Description

MSPCA; Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals is the oldest animal welfare and homing centre on the island. Our main aim is geared towards re-homing and our policy is to give them the very best in love, care and attention.

Who are we and what do we do?

MSPCA has collaborated with trained Organisations such as Dogs Trust to invest in training its staff and volunteers in order to provide the very best care possible for our animals. Taking in this amount of animals is a lengthy and costly procedure which demands consistency and good training from the people managing the home. Caring for each animal and its individual needs to vetting the right home for each one creates happiness all round! This is part of the magic of what is the MSPCA.

Where do we get our funds from?

As we do not get monthly funding from the government we need to get creative and find our own ways and means of creating funds to be able to keep our work going and not let our animals down. Our charity shops emerged in response to our lack of funds. They have proved to not only help support the management of our Floriana home, but have contributed to effective ways of recycling usable goods and providing affordable items for the public, all for a good cause to maintain the well-being of our animals.


Our current mission has many long-term benefits …

 Before the start of the Pandemic our aim was to improve and refurbish these shops in the hope of increasing the funds received from our kind donations. As the shops have been closed for two months we need to find ways to raise enough money to finish our project. These charity shops are big long-term investments for the running of the home and form part of keeping our island clean from additional waste. 

Our team which is a combination of paid professionals and kind volunteers have started working on this project today and we are looking forward to seeing better days ahead!

This is a cause which benefits our animals, our environment and the well-being of our society.

WE need them as much as they need US!


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