Murphy’s Roundabout Challenge

Yet another challenge for Murphy to raise funds for Hospice Malta - running a half marathon around a roundabout! That is approximately 250 laps.

Malta University Sports & Leisure Community February 7, 2020 at 12:36 pm
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Project Description

Murphy, our pink hero, is challenging himself once again to raise funds for Hospice Malta.  He knows how much Hospice Malta does for families and carers in difficult times, and how much they need our help, so he has taken up a new challenge: that of running a half marathon around a roundabout – 250 times around a roundabout – all in the name of raising funds for the services they provide!

Over the past years, Murphy has run the Malta Half Marathon, ran a full marathon in Budapest and has taken part in the ‘Eurosport Trail Running League’… all in his pink morph suit, of course!

There is just no stopping our favourite guy in pink!

Running for Hospice Malta

Murphy runs for Hospice Malta because he knows how important Hospice services are.  They help families cope with the difficult and distressing issues that arise when faced with serious illness.  Your donation will ensure the continuation of Hospice services and will allow Hospice Malta to keep helping more and more families each year.

  1. Murphy put on his running shoes for the first time ever and took on the Vodafone Malta Half Marathon to raise funds for Hospice Malta.
  2. Murphy managed to smash his Personal Best on the same course by over 13 minutes. He then went on to run double the distance in a Full Marathon in Budapest.
  3. Murphy ran the Malta Half Marathon.
  4. Murphy ran a series of four trail runs over the course of January to April, and then in October he ran the Garmin Qawra 10km race.
  5. This year, Murphy is at it again. Brainstorming what challenge to undertake this year was leading him nowhere.  Even thinking about it was making him dizzy. And then… BAM! “dizzy”!  That was it!  His eureka  This unstoppable guy decided to run an unusual half marathon… around a roundabout!

Your donation will make Murphy’s challenging runs a little bit easier and fully worthwhile.

The BRND WGN & University Ring Road Races

Apart from taking up a challenge each year in aid of Hospice Malta, Murphy is also a huge part of the BRND WGN & University Ring Road Races, an event that has been organised for quite a few years now with the scope of bringing people together through running whilst raising funds for Hospice Malta.

Once again the team from BRND WGN will be joining forces with Malta University Sports and Leisure to help take the event to a whole new level and to help raise even more funds for Hospice Malta.

Last year we were able to raise a record €5,350 – can you help make this another record-breaking year?

About Hospice Malta

Hospice Malta is an NGO (VO/0062) which provides free of charge patient-centred palliative care.  More than 1,000 patients are being cared for on an annual basis.  Hospice Malta also loans equipment items to patients.  It costs Hospice Malta approximately €1 million each year to run the services.  This is only possible through people’s generosity and through the organisation of fundraising events amongst which are these races.

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