New Hope for Andrea to Get Back on his feet

Andrea Calleja got seriously injured in an Obstacle Race competition resulting in a full paralysis and a life confined to a wheelchair. But there is hope for him, with your help.

Stefania Community July 31, 2023 at 10:46 am
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Project Description

Most of you already met Andrea (aka Batman) and how in October 2022 he had a life-changing moment when he was taking part in an Obstacle Race that left him unable to move.

Andrea is presently in a rehabilitation hospital in Rome where he has made progress when it comes to the upper body and arms;  in fact, he now has movement in both arms.  However he is still far away when it comes to his lower body and legs.  He is motivated to constantly make improvements. Although he does have his ups and downs and gets infections in the bladder with the result of high fever very often, he doesn’t let this demotivate him.

He still dreams that he can have a normal life as much as possible and challenges himself with any training session he has. He always wants to move a step further, and this is where we ask you for your generous help once again.

His determination made him look at an innovative procedure to stimulate his epidural so that he can move his legs.  This procedure is done in Thailand and it is very expensive but if there is hope Andrea wants to go for it.  He would need to spend at least 7 weeks in hospital as after the procedure, he would start to go through an aggressive rehabilitation programme.

The cost of such procedure is €150K and this does not include the flights as well as lodging for his loved ones who are going to accompany him through this experience. He is scheduled to be in Thailand on the 3rd of November. His wish is that he spends Christmas with his family.

Please view the video above to learn more about Andrea’s progress. Donations can be made by selecting a tier to the right. Every donation helps and is greatly appreciated.

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