Sponsor the Patient Trip Program.

Help Hospice Malta Enhance their Patient Transport Service.

Hospice Malta Community February 12, 2019 at 9:00 am
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Project Description

About Hospice

Hospice Malta delivers palliative care services to patients suffering from Cancer, Motor Neuron Disease (known also as ALS in the USA) and end-of-life Cardiac, respiratory, liver and renal diseases. Throughout the year Hospice professionals deliver over 8000 sessions to about 1200 families.

Hospice Malta offers a whole plethora of services to patients and their relatives, all of which are given free of charge. Patients and families receive professional advice/home sessions from nurses, doctors, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologist, complementary therapist, chaplain as well as care assistants. Each care plan is tailor made for the patient’s individual needs.


Hospice Malta is a voluntary organisation inspired by Christian values. It exists to provide and promote the highest standards of Palliative care for persons with cancer, motor neuron disease, end of life respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver disease. It also aims to help and support their families.

Core Values

PATIENTS -We believe our patients are unique and valued individuals……therefore, we seek to preserve their independence, dignity and quality of life and to respond sensitively to their preferences for practical and spiritual support.

FAMILIES – We believe families, friends and carers have needs too……………therefore, we provide an environment where they feel accepted and safe and we offer support and help during the patient’s illness and during the time of bereavement.

COMMUNITY – We believe in the need to share knowledge of Palliative Care and to ensure the highest standards are practiced and maintained…..therefore, while respecting and working with all disciplines and agencies in the areas of our concern, we prepare, promote, and provide educational programmes in the principles of Palliative Care, for the benefit of the wider comm

INTEGRITY – We believe integrity is the foundation of all our relationships…..therefore, we will expect all of our employees and volunteers to be honest and sincere with whomever they may come into contact in the name of the Malta Hospice Movement.

STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS – We believe that a multi-disciplinary team of well trained, highly motivated staff and volunteers is the most important means of offering the level of service to which our patients are entitled…..therefore, for our team, we select, train and recognise staff and volunteers who place patient needs first.

MANAGEMENT – We believe in the necessity of effective management for the development of teams of people to accomplish stated objectives…..therefore, leadership qualities and a demonstrated ability to develop and achieve objectives are primary criteria by which we select and evaluate managers.

PLANNING – We believe planning is vital for the development of any organisation…..therefore, we use research, planning, audit and review as management tools to help us maintain high standards of care and to continually develop the services we provide.

FINANCES – We believe that our ability to maintain a high level of service to our patients depends largely on the funding we receive…..therefore, we manage funds with utmost care and operate with transparency in order to ensure the continued confidence of the community.

Why Crowdfunding? The Patient Transport Program

Patients are transported by special vans for wheelchair mobile patients and volunteer drivers with their private cars. One van is used solely for transporting of oncology Hospital patients. More than 200 patients make use of this service every year. Hospice requires ca. €24,000 for the provision of this service. This equates to €120 per patient.

We are seeking the generosity of people to ‘invest’ in us so that we may continue to provide our services free of charge to those who need it.

As such people can help us with the above Patient Transport Service in our Sponsor a Patient Trip Programme.

We are therefore trying to raise €12,000 or more for this service so that funds raised from other sources can be channeled to all the other services that we provide as can be seen in the FAQ page.

As this is a donation based campaign any amount collected will be used towards the Patient Trip Programme.

Thanks in advance Hospice Malta.

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