Say 'NO' to single-use plastic bags. Say 'YES' to Organic & FairTrade tote bags!

GAZED Business July 11, 2019 at 12:18 pm
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Project Description

By donating, you help GAZED grow.

Let’s be mindful together while wearing original designs created by artists who share the same feelings about our planet.

Change starts with you! Let’s come together and take action.

PLASTIC BAGS ARE JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. Plastic pollution goes far beyond our comprehension. Most of the clothes we buy contain polyester or nylon which is just a fancier word for plastic. And guess what? They take the same amount of time to decompose as any other plastic product. 

The textile industry is the second biggest polluter on the planet and we drive it.

And what about your health? Would you wear a plastic bag on your head? No, right? So why would you do it to your skin? Any polyester t-shirt is essentially just a ‘better looking’ plastic bag.

Polyester is not the only issue. 

Choosing commercial cotton clothes & accessories over polyester ones 
is still a problem.

Conventionally-grown cotton uses a huge amount of the most toxic chemicals around – which get into our air, water, soil and indirectly into our bodies.

People responsible for harvesting commercial cotton are exposed to these toxic chemicals and cannot afford any healthcare. 

Child labour, working exhausting hours in terrible conditions is a reality of factories responsible for global clothing production.

How can you stop it?

By choosing organic and fair trade certified products.

The fashion industry is a sneaky devil in a pretty dress. We are so tired of regularly wearing and throwing away our overpriced fast-fashion clothes. We can’t stand the lack of transparency of brands that we invest our money in. It is not only bad for the environment but it is also a huge waste of time.

Fast fashion has to go! We know it can be done better and smarter. 

We’re NOT doing it only for ourselves.

We’re doing it for the environment, our families, friends and for future generations. 

This is why EVERYTHING that Gazed offers is 100% Organic & Fairtrade Certified. Because we care and so should you! 🙂


Art & design play such a big role in our lives that we decided to turn our streetwear into a canvas, making it a perfect medium for promoting underground designers.

Long before we were collecting Pokémon, people were collecting art. Now, instead of keeping it at home you can collect art on your favourite eco-streetwear and promote it everywhere you go.

We work with independent painters, illustrators, designers & tattoo artists from all around Europe. We select the best collections and make them available for print on our beautiful eco-streetwear!

It’s easy to follow mainstream trends and create one awesome artwork but it takes passion, an idea & confidence to create a full, themed collection.

GAZED is looking for passionate & creative humans open for collaboration, that already know their visual language and understand the concept of continuity. Reach out to us if you’re one of them!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

We truly believe in the power of community. Recycling your clothes is just as important as recycling your plastic. Gazed wasn’t created just to sell clothes that are good for the planet. We’re creating a local movement that brings people together, shares awareness about sustainability and creative solutions in the fashion industry. 

Together with Zibel we organise an event where people can swap or sell their pre-loved clothes & accessories.

SWAP is also a creative and educational space where you can learn more about sustainability, textile recycling and eco-friendly approaches to fashion. We also provide the option for people to donate clothes to a local NGO.

SWAP is a great opportunity to meet like-minded fashion consumers, exchange information, opinions, clothes & smiles.

Our last SWAP was a closing party of the Fashion Revolution Week 2019

Awareness is the key to our small anti-plastic revolution, 

but with your help, it doesn’t need to be small. 

By donating, you help GAZED grow. Which means, more campaigns, more interesting products, more designs and more SWAPs! Let’s be mindful together while wearing original designs created by artists who share the same feelings about our planet. 

It is called 


Remember, change starts with you <3

Let’s come together and take action.

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