Promoting the Initiative: The Maltese Honey Bee as the National Insect of Malta

An Advertising Campaign to Promote an Initiative: Maltese Honey Bee as the National Insect of Malta: 

Foundation for the Conservation of the Maltese Honey Bee (VO/2403) Community October 12, 2023 at 10:50 am
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Project Description

We are seeking to crowdfund €200 to fund an advertising campaign aimed at promoting our initiative. The core objective of this campaign is to garner official recognition from the Environment and Resource Authority for the Maltese honey bee as Malta’s national insect.

The Maltese honey bee, being endemic to the Maltese islands, holds significant ecological and cultural importance. By securing its status as the national insect, we hope to raise awareness about its critical role in our ecosystem and the need for its conservation.

The €200 we are aiming to raise will be allocated towards creating compelling advertisements and marketing materials that will effectively communicate the value of this initiative to the public and decision-makers. We believe that through this campaign, we can generate the necessary support and enthusiasm to achieve our goal of official recognition for the Maltese honey bee.

Fondazzjoni għall-Konservazzjoni tan-Naħla Maltija is officially registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO/2403).

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