RE/MAX ALIVE2017 Cycling Challenge

Raising funds for Cancer Research

ALIVE Charity Foundation Community April 7, 2017 at 10:05 am
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Project Description

The RE/MAX ALIVE2017 Cycling challenge for Cancer will consist of over 50 cyclists participating in a cycling challenge between the 7th and 17th July 2017. The group will cycle from Copenhagen in Denmark, to Warsaw in Poland, passing through Berlin in Germany. Half the cyclists will cover 1200km with Road Bikes riding through the roads, whilst the other half will cover 1090km with Mountain Bikes with over 30% of the road being off-road trails. The distances will be covered in 7 days of cycling covering approximately 165 km every day.

The cyclists have to undergo an intensive 17 week training program, starting with 4 sessions per week covering a total of 160km per week, building up to 6 sessions per week covering a total of 450-500km per week.

ALIVE Charity Foundation is the first charity foundation to raise funds for medical research in Malta.  In our first 4 years of operation we have managed to donate over €365,000 towards Cancer Research and Cancer Care.   The sponsored research has already resulted in ground-breaking discoveries which have enabled more efficient identification of cancers in order to provide targeted treatment.  ALIVE is now funding treatment research which is leading to more effective and sustainable cancer treatment.  Funds from the first 2 years were directed towards Breast Cancer Research, whilst the funds from the last 2 years have been directed towards Children’s Cancer Research.  The funds raised by ALIVE mainly go towards the human element of research, such as funding PhD research scholarships, as well as funding new and ongoing research.

Who are ALIVE?

ALIVE Charity Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation funded by volunteer donations and contributions and pursuing charitable activities for the support of other charitable institutions, organisations and individual causes.

Our aim is to raise the status of health awareness and scientific research thus investing in long term gains.  ALIVE organises philanthropic activities in order to collect donations to support projects based on the necessity of the current social and health environment.  It will also conduct activities aimed at increasing awareness in health related areas such as Breast and Prostrate screening and Healthy Eating.

The committee members of the foundation are Nicky Camilleri, Elton Barry, Miriam Abela and Gerth Lapira.

The foundation is registered with the Commission of Voluntary Organisation with VO/0801.

Previous Projects

2013 – Donated €55,000 towards Breast Cancer Research. Funded a scholarship for a research based PhD student who made some huge discoveries in the identification of breast cancer tumors

2014 – Donated €80,000 towards Breast Cancer Research.  Funded a scholarship for a research based PhD student.

2015 – Donated €100,000 towards children’s cancer research.  Funded scholarships for PhD students participating in an international research project.  This research is focusing on differentiation therapy to treat and cure cancers such as brain cancer and leukaemia.

2016 – Donated €70,000 towards cancer research and €75,000 towards a recreation centre for cancer patients at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre

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