Murphy Returns to Run for Hospice Malta

Help Murphy help Hospice Malta. He will once again be running 21.1 km dressed head to toe in pink and this year he’s got a bigger challenge as he’s out to break his personal best time. You can also meet Murphy and his friends at the BRND WGN & University Ring Road Races on Sunday 12th March.

Malta University Holding Company Community February 7, 2017 at 1:52 pm
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Project Description

We Present the BRND WGN & University Ring Road Races


Sunday 12th March 2017 will mark our 6th edition of the University Ring Road Races (full details and application form here). With the BRND WGN crew on board again, we are looking to reach new heights. The University races date back to as early as the 80s when University students would gather on the ring road for a showdown of the fittest. Fast-forward 30 years or so and we can proudly say the races have come a long way. Each year, half the proceeds from the University Ring Road Races are being donated to Hospice Malta, contributing towards the continuation of Hospice services which help families cope with the difficult and distressing issues that arise in the face of serious illness.

Murphy Runs for Hospice Malta


Apart from last year’s edition being our BIGGEST ONE YET, it was also the first year that BRND WGN’s Wagoneer in chief – Murphy (the mysterious man in the pink morph suit) took on the challenge of running both the Malta Half Marathon and the University Ring Road Races to raise more funds for Hospice Malta. Murphy’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed (can you imagine running DRESSED FROM HEAD TO TOE IN PINK?!) and we are pleased to announce that a total of €1,061 was raised in 2016 for Hospice Malta through the online campaign, with the total donated to Hospice Malta from the races being €2,750.

The Return of Murphy

With Hospice Malta constantly expanding and providing new services, they depend more and more on fundraising initiatives. We are determined to raise even more funds this year. What better way to get there than to bring our Mr. Fixit, Murphy, back into the picture and set him his new challenge of breaking his personal best time at the 2017 Vodafone Malta Marathon on the 5th of March? With a challenge so steep, Murphy has brought in some friends to help him achieve this target; they’ll be with him through his training and to support him on the actual day. Murphy’s crew are also planning to make an appearance at a few races in the build-up to this challenge so be sure to be on the lookout, they’ll be dressed in pink from head to toe – you can’t miss them!

Hospice Malta Needs You!

What makes this project so special this year is that we have decided to raise funds for Crises Intervention Support at home through Hospice Malta. Through this service, coordinated care and support are provided in order to ensure that informal carers, who choose to provide home care, are enabled to do so without any detriment to their health, social inclusion or financial status. It also temporarily relieves caregiving responsibilities through the use of planned home support and respite care during times of crises of either the patient or the informal carer. Practical support is also provided, which is supplementary and complementary to the existing community services even to patients with inadequate social network. This service also supports timely discharge from hospital.

This new service is invaluable for Hospice patients and their families and like other Hospice services is provided free of charge. Murphy is determined to contribute towards the continuation of this service. But Murphy cannot do this alone. He needs your help and your generous donations towards Hospice Malta.

We’ve set the bar even higher this year. With €1,200 to raise, Murphy is doing his part and getting ready to run a faster time than last year. Now it’s up to you to help us reach our target and contribute towards the continuation of Hospice Malta services.

Thank you for your generosity!

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