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The aim of RMJ's Horse Rescue is to rescue horses who are severely neglected and care for them until they are ready to be re-homed to their forever home, whether in Malta or abroad.

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Project Description

Who are we ?

RMJ’s Horse Rescue is a non-profit NGO set up four years ago. The main purpose of the organisation is to take in neglected or slaughter-bound horses on the island, care for them and rehabilitate them and ultimately find them a new home. RMJ is the only horse rescue NGO in Malta which means that we are the only organisation which can help horses in need. The government also lacks any facilities to house neglected horses or horses seized from unfit conditions by the Animal Welfare, therefore we are the only organisation that is providing a safe place for these horses to go to.

Hundreds of horses are imported to Malta PER YEAR for racing purposes. The majority of these horses come from France or Sweden. Due to a number of reasons the racing lifespan of these horses here in Malta is very short with the majority of horses not even racing for one whole racing season. Some horses are already injured when they arrive to Malta and therefore never even make it to the track. Whilst the level of horse care while the horses are still racing is of a high standard, once it is decided that the horse is no longer fit for racing there is a high chance that it will be sent for slaughter. The illegal slaughter of horses in Malta is an issue which up until now is not being tackled. These horses though, are horses registered in foreign databases and entities overseas are already getting a sense that something isn’t quite right with the number of horses who are exported to Malta ‘disappearing’.

Despite only having been set up for four years RMJ’s Horse Rescue has grown exponentially as the demand to help more and more horses increases from year to year. On average we deal with close to 100 cases per year. Due to the fact that Malta is a very small island and land is limited, it is extremely difficult to find people who are willing to re-home horses locally. One way to cope with the number of horses finishing from racing and in danger of slaughter is by raising funds in order to be able to export these horses overseas.

Project Back to the Green

This is one of the projects we are constantly working on. Because of the lack of space and resources in Malta, we have had to try out other options and dream big to be able to give the horses a better retired, off-the-track life. The aim of this project is to actually send horses to big green fields abroad

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