Round Table Malta 1 & XFM Charity Drive for the Ursuline Sisters Creche in Sliema

Round Table Malta 1 & XFM Charity Drive for the Ursuline Sisters Creche in Sliema

Round Table Malta 1 & XFM Community March 13, 2017 at 7:38 pm
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Project Description

This project is all based around Round Table Malta 1’s annual Charity Fund Raiser in aid of the wonderful Ursuline Sisters in Sliema who put in so much to help orphaned children here in Malta.


The actual event which is on the 8th April is going to be a massive night of entertainment with Oz & Jay from XFM 100.2’s BIG BREAKFAST will be the main hosts and will feature live entertainment from AIRPORT IMPRESSIONS with a special guest appearance from IRA LOSCO & a super cool after party with one of Malta’s hottest DJ’S MYKILL….

As there is only a limited number of seats available for the event we would not like to limit the scope of our efforts to just the funds we are raising on the night and in Partnership with XFM RADIO who will be running an on air campaign we would like to try and raise extra funds for the sisters who desperately need help in their efforts to provide a solid foundation for these young children’s lives.

Please listen to The Big Breakfast on XFM for more details and please, please be as generous as you can. The sisters & the children need your help.

What the Ursuline Sisters need….

1. Commercial bread cutter € 3,100

The Ursuline sisters are in real need of this commercial bread cutter to save their old hands. Basically to save money they bake their own bread and bake approximately 50 loaves a day to feed the children and they currently cut the bread by hand. They have wanted this item for several years, but have not had the budget for such a thing. We would like to help..

2. Kitchen tiles  € 700

The kitchen tiles which have been in place for more that 30 years are now cracking and falling off due to humidity problems. After so long they really need to be replaced.

3. Two bathroom remodelling to fit two new showers  €1,600

Several of the Ursuline Sisters are quite old, and it has become quite dangerous for them to stay getting in and out of the bath which is what the currently only have. Remodelling the bathrooms and installing 2 new showers will make life easier and safer.

4. Commercial Pot and Pan  €220

The current pot and pan that they use to to cook for some 40 children and sisters are all banged up and bent out of shape, so much so that it is hard to keep them standing as they are so wobbly. We think and some new pots and pans would be extremely helpful to them.

5. Commercial Immersion blender  €520

The Ursuline sisters as they are feeding a large amount of persons often cook a lot of soups and stews and when looking to blend smoothly they are currently using a home use 1 litre blender when blending sometimes up to 30 litres of soup. It can take a lot of time and is very difficult and tiring for the sisters. A larger commercial blender will help them greatly.

6. Washing Machine €480

The one the sisters are currently using is on its last legs… if its not changed soon they may end up washing by hand.

7. Water Heaters (50 to 80litre) x 3   €160 each

Replacements for old broken water heaters.

8. Dehumidifier €260

To help with humidity problems in the kitchen.

We hope we can help them out with as much as possible…. its all in your hands..

From Round Table 1 & XFM we truly thank you with all our hearts…

Stretch Goals


Kitchen Tiles 3,800.00

The kitchen tiles which have been in place for more that 30 years are now cracking and falling off due to humidity problems. After so long they really need to be replaced.

2 Bathrooms 5,400.00

Commercial Pot and Pan 5,620.00

Immersion Blender 6,140.00

Washing Machine 6,620.00

3 Water Heaters 7,100.00

Dehumidifier 7,360.00

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