SAHA! Migrant Women Food Truck

Migrant Women Association Malta is helping migrant women lead a better life in Malta. Help us fund our food truck initiative to help empower these women.

Migrant Women Association Malta Business April 16, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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Project Description


SAHA! – a food truck and catering service bringing world food closer to you. 

Ever thought about having an authentic Syrian, Lebanese or Moroccan meal for lunch? Or imagined tasting cuisine from Asia, Africa or South America – right here in Malta?

Food not only brings people together – it can also help empower women. Food offers an opportunity of dignified employment and new hope to migrant women living in Malta.

SAHA! is an initiative of the Migrant Women Association Malta that aims to bring together people from  countries as diverse as Colombia, Venezuela, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Spain, Portugal, France, and Romania, who all have one thing in common: their love for cooking great food.

Migrant women in Malta have great cooking skills. Our participation at the World Music Festival 2017 opened up a new chapter for women, catering to participants of the festival and fundraising for the association. Our success has now led us to being the caterers for the second time in a row for the World Music Festival in 2018.

Our members are the most talented individuals, putting together mouth-watering menus that will transport your palate around the world without having to step outside of Malta.

From catering to small private gatherings to large public festivals in partnership with Valletta 2018, we are proud to have brought change to the women of MWAM, empowering them through skills and experience, as well as bringing them closer to the Maltese public.

How did this all start? 

The Migrant Women Association wanted to build upon our great resource and talent to find something sustainable, impactful and innovative for the migrant women.

We participated in the annual Social Impact Awards supported by sponsors including The Gasan Group, MeDirect and the Inspirasia Foundation. This start-up competition helps organizations receive financial and non-financial support to develop and materialise a project that has positive social impact in Malta.

The Awards gave us the opportunity to develop our cooking project idea going through a 6-month mentoring programme provided by TAKEOFF Business Incubator. After a number of stages, we had our final product, the food truck SAHA project. And, well:

We won the popular vote, the audience award! Around €16,600 was donated by the Social Impact Awards, ZAAR as well as CORE Platform.

So why do we need your help? 

We want to build further on this project to help empower women and build bridges through food – the idea of serving affordable, delicious dishes to people all around Malta via our very own food truck, as well as scaling our organisation to provide catering services to private events. Our vision is to work hand-in-hand with the Maltese, utilising local produce from local businesses, employing both Maltese and migrant women to produce delicious food – think of babah ghanoush, kibbah, hummus, tajine, cous cous – both vegan and gluten-free.

We are about to purchase an amazing food truck, but we need crowdfunding to cover costs that include:

  • Refurbishing the food truck including cooking hobs and appliances – € 2,000
  • Buying kitchen utensils – € 1,500
  • Buying uniforms and kits – € 500
  • Buying supplies for the initial operation of the food truck  – € 3,000
  • Painting and designing our food truck – € 1,000
  • Buying initial stock of ingredients and drinks – € 2,000

Once we have more cooking events and have enough to finance a food truck, we forecast that the revenues from food sales will:

  • Cover the costs of running our food stalls and festivals
  • Cover the costs of our food truck
  • Provide steady income to the women cooking and selling the food
  • Support our education and empowerment activities


Since 2015, the voluntary organisation Migrant Woman Association Malta (MWAM) has been working for the social and community advancement of migrant women in Malta. MWAM is committed to empowering migrant women and to enable them to fully integrate in Malta, and to help them realise their full potential.


Founder Umayma Elamin Amer from Sudan, came to Malta after fleeing the instability of Libya, where she had lived for three years. She began volunteering in the field of migration and through her work, Umayma was introduced to Claudia Taylor-East of SOS Malta, who inspired and supported Umayma to come together with other migrant women in Malta and build MWAM.

With over 85% of female asylum seekers in Malta and many women suffering from discrimination and gender-based violence, migrant women are left behind and lack opportunities that bring a better future to themselves and to their families.

Bring the flavours of the world closer to your doorstep and contribute to our ZAAR campaign!

For more information on the pledges, check out the FAQ.

Stretch Goals


Solar Panels 34,000.00

After purchasing the food truck, our next goal would be to equip the food truck with solar panels to be more environmental friendly and sustainable.

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