Seabin Spinola

A community project to put Seabins all over the Maltese Islands, in order to combat marine debris in our seas.

#Zibel x Strand Marine Business September 28, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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Project Description

Just as much as rubbish doesn’t belong on the floor, so we have bins at home, rubbish doesn’t belong in the
sea, so we need bins in the sea. The logic is pretty simple. It works by creating a flow of water which it
pumps into itself collecting rubbish and debris. These are caught in a bag in the bin itself, and the water is
then sucked back separating the water from the rubbish, and pumped back into the sea.

So why Seabins? Seabins collect all the nasty bits of rubbish that are hard to pick out, such as microplastics,
marine debris and so on. It serves to protect marine life from this super un-cool objects and keeps our seas
nice and clean, so that marine life and human life alike can make the most of them. With the implementation
of Seabins across the country the burden placed on understaffed and underfunded local councils will be
shared, making everything more efficient, and everyone happier.

Where are these going to be placed you ask? Fantastic question, well done! We have a list of locations in
dire need of a Seabin, we’ll be releasing the locations in batches, each batch will include different locations
all over our gorgeous islands.  As each batch gets funded, a new fund will open for the next bin in the next

So yeah why not fund a Seabin? I can’t think of any reasons not to, but I can think of a couple more reasons
why you should… One of such is that all backers will be invited to the launch of the Seabin they funded.
This is open to everyone, from individuals to businesses, we all need to band together to clean our seas.

Thank you, your contribution means the world to us.

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