Send Thai to UK

Help us rehome Thai to her forever home in England.

Rehome A Horse Malta Community June 27, 2019 at 3:53 pm
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Project Description

Who is Thai?

9 year-old Norwegian mare, Thai, has ended her second racing career here in Malta. She has the chance to retire in a 5-star home in England, where she will have cool weather, a massive field and two horsey friends waiting for her. Your donations will help us cover her transport costs and send her to her forever home.

Who are We?

Rehome A Horse Malta (RAHM) is struggling to rehome the large number of horses on the island, considering the small equestrian community and lack of space. One lucky Norwegian mare, Thai, has landed a great opportunity to be adopted out by a lovely horse-lover in the UK. Here, she will be given a life of luxury in s 5-star stable and large field. She already has two other horsey friends waiting for her on the other side! We have set up this crowdfund in the hope of raising enough money for her transport. Please help us make this dream a reality.

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