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Reducing the overall waste generated on our islands and restoring our natural environments to their most natural states.

Changemakers Changemakers October 16, 2022 at 6:00 pm
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Project Description

Żibel is on a long-term mission to restore local habitats to their pristine state. Through the NGO’s actions, their work seeks to inspire others to act on issues they are aware of. By combining the public and private sector through initiatives, the NGO implements short- and long-term projects to mitigate problem areas in our waste system. Project Sikka is the result of their work around seabed clean-ups and reef surveys for ghost nets.

Their dive clean-ups and reef surveys have opened their eyes to the dwindling habitats for marine life in Malta. Sikka’s aim is to introduce 3D printed artificial reefs to Maltese waters in-order to regenerate and support the local marine ecosystem, using clay as a material. These reefs will be designed with local marine life as the focus, providing forms and structures that encourage growth and help them seek refuge in the reefs. The project will seek to remedy issues caused by the removal of litter from the seabed and overfishing by creating personalised reefs for the marine life found in Malta. Sikka will bring together local experts in each field to develop a replicable model that can be rolled out at scale and expanded upon in a sustainable modular fashion.


  • The reefs will act as a safe haven for fish and other marine animals. Through discussions with the Ministry for Fisheries, Żibel aims to make these reefs ‘ no fishing zones’ in order to give them the best possible chance at recovery.
  • Through the reporting system in the Beluga Dive app, they aim to have a high interaction rate with divers. The app allows Żibel to also ask divers on what they saw on specific dives, which further provides them with important observations that would be impossible to gather at such a scale.
  • Żibel aims to see a marked difference in the fish stocks at each area, with the lead on effects of a better state of the surrounding underwater vegetation.
  • A reduction in spearfishing at such areas or at the very least, less catches as they educate the hobbyists on their mistakes

The overall budget of this initiative is Eur46,900. Any little bit helps them get closer to their target. Donate and help Project Sikka leave behind a legacy that will yield benefits for countless generations to come!

This initiative is a Changemakers semi-finalist. For more information on how to support Żibel, visit

Watch SIKKA by Żibel’s pitch during the final live event on 30 October. Click here to find out more!

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