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Help us bring to life Snappies; an innovative reusable pad which doesn't move made by a Woman for Women. We also aim to support girls & women in developing countries that do not have access to pads.

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Project Description


    Snappies is a completely innovative reusable pad for women who want to be more sustainable, and do not want to (or cannot) use menstrual cups. It uses a new technology that adds silver particles to the pad; this has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. Snappies is an innovative product that combines such a traditional concept of the pad with wings to the modern necessity of reducing waste.

People are willing to sacrifice efficiency for the sake of the environment, but if we are talking about periods it is harder for numerous reasons. There is a lot of stigma, and periods can be invalidating for some women. Therefore it is completely understandable that women will make a change if and only if the alternative they are offered is completely safe and leak-proof. What I want to do is to create a sustainable product without giving up safety and peace of mind.


   THE CONCEPT IS TO PROVIDE A SAFE, REUSABLE AND RELIABLE PAD which snaps onto undies made in organic cotton, which is much more sustainable than the conventional version and also more comfortable and gentle on the skin.


  • Current reusable pads are expensive and are designed in a way that doesn’t always guarantee safety; many times you find yourself with the button facing up and the absorbent part on the wrong side, the last thing you need is having to worry about leaking or turning! Periods are so natural, but most women are very conscious about them…and leaking in public is never pleasant. The most recent sanitary pad is not purely made from cotton or made from plastic material which may harm our body and threaten our reproductive health.
  • Single-use pads are made in material which includes plastic, sometimes containing BPA and BPS which cancomplicate embryonic development. The plasticizers can actually lead to organ damage.
  • Biodegradable single-use pads can often degrade too quickly and rip if left on for too long, as humidity starts the degrading.
  • Cotton is not naturally ultra – white. Because most girls prefer something that is purely white to make them feel they’re putting on something fresh and clean, sanitary pad companies use a chemical called dioxin to bleach the cotton.*

*Based on research, short-term exposure to dioxin can cause skin darkening and altered liver function. A woman might be using 6,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime and when dioxin accumulates in the body it can cause serious health risks and diseases such as immune system damage, diabetes, hormone dysfunction, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cancer, and others.

Unconsciously, we are paying a very high price for being neat freaks, both health wise and under an environmental aspect.

Period proof undies are much better in terms of safety but need to be completely removed and changed, and this isn’t always possible and can be very unpractical in many situations (not to mention that they need to dry out completely before you can reuse them, which can be a nightmare).



   Snappies was created by a woman for women. Reusable pad, very easy to use and change, guaranteeing safety. A reusable pad with Snap-On buttons to replace glue. You can keep the same undies on, and snap on a new, clean Snappies pad. The used one can go into the wet bag, and then washed when you get home!

The 6 plastic buttons inside the undies allow to snap on the pad you need, and the 4 buttons on the outside secure the wings of the pad. Undies are made from organic cotton, leak-proof and comfortable on the skin





   Snappies was designed with flexibility and compatibility in mind. It took me hours of studying and editing of the design to decide exactly where to place the buttons to guarantee your safety and comfort, and also allow you to snap the pad on without confusing buttons. I choose a plastic button to reduce or remove the risk of metal allergies and the product available for everyone, the future plan is to offer a magnetic alternative. A single Snappies pad is designed to last for at least 5 years and even more making it cost-effective.


    What is really great about all this is that although it is a premium item and helps us save tons of waste, it still costs less than single-use pads. Of course, buying just one box of pads is cheaper, but how does this cost convert over a lifetime? I was curious to know, so…

I carried out a survey on 50 women. Those who did not use a menstrual cup declared to use between 10 and 40 (yes, 40!) single-use pads or tampons per cycle. The average expenditure on period items for a woman is €180 a year, with some women having to spend much more than that. But assuming you have an average flow, your expenditure will be around €900 in 5 years. Snappies undies retail at €25, and pads retail at €17, €19 or €21 according to their size. How many you will need depends on your flow and on your habits, but I have worked out different sets according to everyone’s necessity. Only for our backers, Snappies will be available with a discount of 30% to 40% (shipping ALWAYS included!). 

Don’t forget: you can also buy these for someone you care for!





   My name is Sonia Sano Suraci. I am the owner of Hames Sensi; we have started as an organic shop but I then realized that there is a need for change in perspective. I decided to found Snappies as want to help women like me, who care about the environment, switch to reusable pads without the downsides of the current pads available on the market. As an environmental business, we have managed to involve a lot of people, especially in Malta where I live and where the shop is located. With Snappies, which is a completely innovative idea, I wish to reach women in the whole world. In the future, my desire is to donate part of my profit to associations who donate pads to girls who do not have access to them.


   Right now, we are turning to you for helping to raise the funds that we need to complete the development, production, and the market to a global audience. What I am asking from you today is an open heart, open donation, and a helping hand; in exchange you will have a chance to be the first to try this amazing product.



   This amount is going to be used to produce the first lot of Snappies, part of which will go for the backers and part of which will be put for sale. In the future, I would like to use part of the profit to donate to associations in developing countries that help girls and women who do not have access to pads. With your help, we can send the first batch of Snappies into production, and together we will be pioneers of a revolution! Even the smallest of contributions will also make a big difference to us – for every pledge above €5 we will send a Personal Thank you email to you as a token of appreciation along with other rewards given for the donation.


    What you get:

Below I’ve detailed what you’ll receive based upon your donation to this campaign.




   My whole heart and soul was put into this product: producing a pad that is cost-effective safe and comfortable for all women not contributing to the non-reusable pad  & plastic pollution in the community  I know that it will help so many WORLDWIDE because I have created it with their needs in mind.



Once we manage to reach our goal of €25.000, we will ask for the first samples to be shipped. This will take about one month.

All going well, we will send the items in production which hopefully will take no more than 2 months including shipping to our warehouses.

A few weeks after that, we will start shipping. Overall, we hope you will have your reward in hand no later than FEBRUARY 2021

We will keep you updated regarding all the steps; you are part of this project just like we are!





   The biggest challenge is getting enough funding and obviously making way through competitors which will surely try to copy the idea. Also, this platform is not as well-known as others, but it still just as valid! As with most crowdfunding projects, there may be some unexpected circumstances and or scenarios; but our team is fully prepared to take on any challenges by virtue of our full preparedness and crowdfunding experience. If we do run into any logistical challenges so significant that may delay us, we will be sure to keep all our contributors in the loop.




Other Ways You Can Help

    You can show your support by sharing a link to this campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. The more people that are aware, the more it will make this campaign a success.

We appreciate all your support, both monetary and non-monetary, and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we are doing.


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