Solo Stitching

High Quality custom embroidery cloting

Solo Stitching - A JAYE Company Business March 10, 2021 at 5:14 pm
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Project Description

Solo Stitching is run by four teenagers, working with JAYE Malta, that is hoping to get a voice in the fashion industry. Our team is creating custom embroidery designs on clothing for each individual customer. We want to bring a new angle into the fashion industry by making this unique for you. Some of our profits will be donated to YMCA Malta as a charitable donation. We want to be able to grow as a company and learn what it takes to run a business, we aim to expand on many social media platforms and make our name heard. Our clothes will be affordable yet good quality and they will always suit your taste.

In order for us to know which size or logo you want, email us the clothing you ordered along with the size you would like a

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