Storja Animalta

Entertainment and local history meet in Malta’s first animated docufiction series made for the whole family. 

Reciprocal Culture October 28, 2019 at 12:00 pm
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Project Description

Is there a better feeling than getting together with your loved ones to share some fun and laughter on a cold winter’s night? Binge on Storja Animalta and enjoy these seven Storja Animalta episodes that do not only offer children and adults alike a guaranteed giggle but will also teach you a thing or two about Malta’s rich history.

Storja Animalta is Malta’s first animated docufiction series. It weaves factual historical information within entertaining stories, providing viewers with an innovative way of learning about events and people that have left a mark on Malta’s history.

Meet Vanni, a native of Skorba during prehistoric times. He tries to find a way to skive a hard day’s work only to end up helping in the building of the Ggantija Temples in Gozo instead. Get to know the valiant Guglielmo Lorenzi and find out how he helped to orchestrate the Maltese revolt of 1799. Each episode introduces you to a cast of endearing characters that bring history to life. Whilst the historical facts have all been endorsed by Heritage Malta, the episodes are intended to entertain first and educate as a matter of course.

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Aims for this campaign

This project revolves around our two core beliefs: that there is great value in learning about your roots and the history of your country, and that there is no better way to learn than through a good laugh. These episodes are a combination of education and entertainment, and the characters’ quirky charm has made them an instant hit with our audience. The aim of this campaign is to makeour work accessible to all and to give the fans of our series the opportunity to secure a copy of Storja Animalta (and some cool goodies too) to enjoy with their loved ones.

Storja Animalta is Malta’s first animated docufiction series. By backing this project, you will also be helping us develop and deliver similar projects in the near future.

About Reciprocal

Reciprocal is a team of professionals that bring to the table a vast array of skills and competencies. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a local production house that produces content of exceptional quality. Our aspiration is to create culturally relevant productions that do not only speak to the local audience but are also appreciated internationally.

Stretch Goals

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