Summer Blue Pre-Release: an Exclusive 5 original-track EP by Dean Demanuele

Are you a music follower? Are you looking for some refreshingly new music to play in your car or in a club? Then I want to share my latest 5 original-track EP 'Summer Blue' exclusively with you before it is released worldwide.

Dazed & Confused Records Culture November 23, 2016 at 9:51 am
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Project Description


I know many music enthusiast, who believe that there is great potential yet to be discovered in the music scene all over the world. If you have a flair for new, cutting edge, electronic club music then continue reading below because I have something great in store for you.

I composed and produced each and every note you will hear in this EP including the vocals in a studio in Berlin – hence the name Summer Blue – where I had to miss out on the beautiful Summer in Malta. My aim is to share a glimpse of my musical journey through the months spent recording these tracks away from home.

These five amazing tracks will surely hook you from start to finish, starting with a deeper mood and getting into a rougher, exciting experience, which will surely keep you on your toes.

What else?


Why crowdfunding?

Like you, I believe that there is strength in bringing people and ideas together to achieve higher goals in life.

Throughout the past years I have successfully released 12 original EPs and various remixes, however Summer Blue is the largest project so far. To successfully execute a project of this size and complexity I have teamed up with a number of experts, to make sure that Summer Blue reaches a wider audience. When the crowdfunding is successful our team of professionals will start working on the Mixing and Mastering of the all five tracks in a high-end studio, the shooting of the official music video for Summer Blue and worldwide coverage and PR.



More about the Summer Blue EP – technical features:

Summer Blue: A percussive down tempo groovy track which rolls into a slow progression with big basslines and high alegent notes. A story teller which works perfectly also in a club sound system. The deep vocals add the perfect spice to the driving synths in the breaks which makes the track so unique and catchy at the same time.

Salty Flavour: Big kicks and drums to start with, flowing in with a deeper bassline setting the right mood. Next in line, a series of snares and claps to make your bottom move. The taste of the salty water is imminent, feeling that sunset vibe as you’re dancing along. Goosebumps come along the way when the synths kick in and it’s just a flow until then.

Manly: As the title name states this track is a more powerful cut, ready for the night time as soon as the mood is set. Big synths are key with powerful shakers to accompany the desire to dance. A meaner cut but still subtle as a pure Dean Demanuele track. An electronic musician’s dream becomes reality if you ask me.

Mental Love: This must be mental to listen to live. Mental love is a club track with groove and emotional synths driving you to the unknown. This track will be on loop on a lot of people’s phones and music playlists. A sure dancefloor killer with a pleasant ring to it. Top.

Not Just Talk: Last but not least, this big room track is for the real dancefloor fanatics. A raw desire for liberation inspired by the high synths and low bass, accompanying the stomping percussion. Sounds popping out of nowhere to make your heart beat even more. It’s not just talk, it’s classy power all in one.


What are the risks and challenges?

No one wants to see a good idea executed poorly, we have worked extremely hard to make this product ready for this crowd funding campaign but there might be risks like:

Fulfilment: we are working on very strict deadlines and quality, we might not have the right amount of time to be able to execute this project right in time. We thought of this, in fact we have a back-up studio ready to kick in if we need one for our mixing and mastering.

Music Video: Will be shot mostly in Berlin by our great team of people. Berlin can be a bit tricky to film mostly because of weather and lighting issues. Our team are experts in their field and know Berlin by heart. This will be a big plus to execute the right shots and give the Summer Blue feeling.

Manufacturing: Sometimes things go in ways you would have never planned, a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or even printing is wrong. Due to similar issues things could easily delay the process. We will also enter this stage with a back-up supplier who will help us and ensure to rest everyone’s minds that everything will be running as smoothly as possible.

All contributions will bring us a step closer to our goal and for our project to become a reality. The rewards are limited in number and are available only for the next month. So be part of this movement along hundreds of people who have already supported us, click on your reward now.


Credits to our great Videographer:

Stretch Goals

Documentary and PR 5,000.00

Filming of second music video and Thank you party. 7,000.00

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