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Join us as we design, build and race our formula-style racing car!

University of Malta Racing Community April 12, 2016 at 8:59 pm
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Project Description

University of Malta Racing (UoMR) is a team of university students whose aim is to design, build and race a formula-style car in Formula SAE events overseas.


Support Malta’s Formula SAE Team!

Formula SAE is a competition held worldwide with teams competing from around the world giving university students from around the globe the chance to put forward their knowledge and expertise into a formula style car to be raced and tested competitively.

The first University of Malta FSAE team was set up in 2007 and managed to compete in Italy in the same year. As a team, UoMR was founded in 2012 and has competed twice in Formula SAE Italy in 2014 and 2015.

In 2014 the aim of the team was to show that a car could be built, taken to a competition and do well against other international teams. This goal was met and exceeded. So much so, that Dr. Andrea Toso from Dallara, a head judge in FSAE Italy visited the team in Malta to deliver lectures in vehicle dynamics, with the hopes of improving the team’s 2015 car.

By 2015, the team set out to prove that the team can build a car and get ready for competition in a single year. Driving abreast with the best technical Universities in the world, last September UoMR placed 29th overall with the competition having 77 registered teams…and this is just the beginning!

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Empower University Students!

From what began as a dream of 4 young students in 2012, the team is currently made up of around 60 students, from 8 different faculties within University. Students from such diverse backgrounds voluntarily join forces under UoMR to work on both the engineering and the business administrative sides of the project.

Moreover 5 undergraduate dissertations around our car are currently being finalised, thus adding to the University’s research value and the team’s knowledge gathering process. The experience within UoMR has provided past students with unique knowledge and unparalleled opportunities within the automotive and motorsport industry both locally and internationally, with some UoMR alumni furthering their studies in automotive and motorsport engineering at top UK universities.

Photo [3.1]UoMR 2015 Team

Join us as we race to the finish line!

This time round we’re breaking boundaries! We are currently designing a lighter, faster and stronger car than ever before. For the first time in Malta, we will be using a turbocharged engine for our FSAE car. Moreover, the team is developing its expertise in structural composite materials in a bid to cut off 30kg from last year’s weight. From a data acquisition perspective, we are also building a state of the art proprietary system which will allow us to analyse various aspects of the car in soft real-time. While you’re reading this, we are prototyping and testing new components as part of a continuous effort to place Malta in one of the top spots in automotive engineering.

The best part of all this is that you too can join us at the starting line! Help us push our limits in FSAE season 2017, and we’ll make sure to make you, and all of Malta, proud! As if that wasn’t enough, we’re putting some interesting rewards up for grabs. If you are unable to contribute, we totally understand; you can still help us out by spreading the word or sharing our page with a friend!

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UoMR would like to thank all sponsors and collaborators who in any way help the organisation achieve its goals. Special thanks go to the University of Malta and its Research Trust (RIDT), the team’s University Advisor, Dr. Ing. Maurizio Fenech, as well as to many staff members who offer their academic knowledge, resources, expert advice and other help, without which this ongoing project would not be possible.

The team’s main sponsors include The Ministry for Education and Employment, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Enemed, Tek-Moulds, PwC Malta, Adpro-Instruments Ltd., Continental Cars Ltd., RS Components, Würth Malta and QFree Traffiko.

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