The Dana Carmont Bikinis Project

We are crowd funding to raise money to purchase Industrial Lycra Machines from a reputable sewing machine agent in Malta, who can purchase these industrial lycra machines from abroad. Our Focus is to design & manufacture custom made bikinis, activewear and leisure wear in Malta.

Dana Carmont Bikinis Business October 1, 2019 at 9:00 am
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Project Description

My name is Dana Carmont, I am a wife, a mother of 2 and have been an entreprenuer since I was 18.  My Mother is a proud Maltese woman , my dad is from New Zealand and I was born in Sydney Australia. I resided to Malta over 2 years ago to be close to my mum.

I have been a bikini & active wear designer for over 25 years. Having combined years of experience working for 2 of Australia’s prestigious swimwear labels and owning my own bikini & active wear labels, my passion is still burning to create the perfect design and fit for my clients that are all different shapes and sizes and helping them feel sexy and glamorous in their skin.

My passion and creativity has lead me in to designing  collections from  gym wear, competition bikinis , glamour, beach bikinis/ one pieces , Custom made bikinis and even repeats of my clients favorite bikinis that they have worn to death!

I have solidly established Dana Carmont Bikinis  in Australia, Singapore and Bali, as a sole provider of these items and keeping new and repeat clients happy globally, now it’s time to bring all aspects of my business to Malta, such as  the production of the product as opposed to out-sourcing my manufacturing to Bali, Indonesia, where we use to live.

You can view my video on behind the bikini on this link

Purchasing my own machines will help build my small business in so many ways;

  • I can be more creative and productive without feeling limited to custom made collections, due to off shore manufacturing.
  • It will reduce product costs, currently absorbed by international shipment of garments being made in Bali, as I have found it hard to find a manufacture in Malta, due to non existing lycra machines.
  • To have visual and hands on quality control of my production, as my moto is quality not quantity
  • Respond quickly and efficiently, to customer orders by reducing the time by outsourcing production from Malta to Bali and waiting for production to be returned from Bali to Malta.
  • To bring to Malta the specialized machines that are not available here & to extend my skills in to other local market product development such as men’s fashion swimwear, dancewear, gymnastics, Ballet, swim schools & athletic wear.
  • To employ women in Malta who have the skills, but lack the opportunity to make a living from those skills in Malta.
  • To train, identify, develop, encourage and employ young female fashion designers in Malta.
  • To respond to the increasing desire by woman in Malta, to feel part of a fashion world, as opposed to buying mass-produced factory made swimwear & active wear garments, that are made of poor quality and sub standard fabrics, which doesn’t flatter the body nor let the body breath.
  • To Extend Malta in to an international center, for innovative ideas and designs in the rapidly growing international body culture world.
  • To provide Malta with ethical & socially responsible options, with local manufacturing, so you know who makes your clothes.

My Mission to help raise the money for the Industrial Lycra Machines on Zaar Crowdfunding Campaign :

My Mission is to promote other female entrepreneurs in Malta, on my crowd funding platform, to help raise the funds for the Lycra machines. I believe in supporting woman in business as it helps grow their talents, confidence, goals and aspirations with their businesses. I am very grateful to have Malta’s finest female entrepreneurs, sponsor The Dana Carmont Bikinis Project with their products and services for me to advertise & sell, to help raise funds in the rewards programme on the Zaar Crowdfunding Campaign.

What Machines will I buy when the money is raised:

Texi Treccia premum ex machine

Zig Zag machine

Over locker

Single Needle locksmith

Right Angle binder

Tape Feeder


Overall I am very excited to have the opportunity to crowd fund on the Zaar to platform on the 1st-31st October 2019, to accomplish my goal to purchase industrial lycra machines to set up a small manufacturing business right here in Malta.

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