An online hub and benefits scheme for Arts and culture enthusiasts in Malta and a promotional tool for the Arts.

The MACC Business March 1, 2018 at 12:26 pm
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Project Description

The Malta Arts and Culture Club (The MACC) is a platform for people who love the Arts and Culture, which will operate through a mobile app and website. It’s also a benefits scheme, which offers members privileges and special offers on products, services, courses, events and attractions within the Arts and cultural sectors in Malta.
Offers will include:

• Discounts on arts and craft materials
• Reduced price entry to sites and attractions
• Offers on creative courses and workshops
• Privileged pricing on theatre tickets, cinema and events
• Deals on services such as sound recording, framing, printing, photography and videography
• Discounts on literature, musical and electronic equipment
• Exclusive prices on hire of musicians and performers for events
• Special pricing on Maltese designer gifts and jewellery

Members pay an annual subscription fee to access the platform to benefit from these and other offers, with membership categories including residents, visitors and students. In addition to offering these benefits, The MACC will function as a hub for Arts enthusiasts, lovers of culture, and creative amateurs and professionals. It will develop into a ‘What’s On’ guide and a review forum, with special interest groups with their own chat forums and events. These will include MACC Artists, MACC Theatre and MACC Musicians.

The concept of the MACC was born of a love of Malta’s rich culture and a desire to promote and celebrate them, so the platform serves as a promotional tool for participating ‘merchants’. The Malta Tourism Authority endorses the scheme and pledges its ongoing support. The MACC will promote the Arts by encouraging and rewarding participation, providing appealing incentives and rewards to members and building networks within the creative and cultural sectors. Reward and loyalty schemes can influence and drive customer behaviour and are effective promotional and marketing tools. This one is different however, because it appeals primarily to the Maltese passion for all things creative. Saving a few cents here and there is a just an added bonus. The MACC will genuinely benefit all involved.

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