The FOUNDRY is a fully equipped workshop space where textile waste is used in a creative way to teach, learn and empower community

Tonya Business October 2, 2022 at 9:30 am
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Project Description

Over the past 4 years working in the pre-owned clothing trade, we have seen first hand just how much clothing gets consumed just to be binned. Overproduction in the fashion industry fuels human rights violations, water pollution, animal abuses and generates 20% of global carbon emissions, it is just not sustainable. In the wave of resistance to fast fashion circular economy and circular communities are emerging.


Our vision is to create just this space, a hub where creatives, up-cyclers, activists and individuals can learn, innovate and thrive. A space where waste gets turned into creations and where a circular fashion community is woven.


THE FOUNDRY will be a fully equipped dynamic co-working space as well as a workshop space for hosting up-cycling and other workshops.

We invite artisans to utilize the space and equipment to offer their own workshops or create their own products.

Area of Focus

  • Circular economy up-cycling, re-using and repairing to reduce waste to landfill
  • Circular community Co-working/networking and collaborations – utilizing textile waste
  • Education and awareness – including teaching skills for empowerment


  • Upcycle workshops to utilize waste
  • Eco tourists to make them own upcycled souvenirs
  • Continuation of the upcycle workshops from to more advanced
  • Creating your own brand of upcycled products


  • Community gatherings
  • Salvage meetups
  • Knit and natter
  • Repair café mending together
  • Tools and space available to makers who may not have their own equipment
  • Tools and space available to professionals and artisans who want to teach their skills


  • In our space we will host sustainable events, pop ups, talks, lectures
  • Upcycling for school groups
  • Use the workshop to create our own brand sellable upcycled products


Help us to raise funds for sewing machines, tools and other workshop equipment so that there is a cool working space where we, together, can make an impact on fashion waste and bring fresh ideas on sustainability to the table. Currently we have three semi professional machines, a cutting mat, a selection of sewing tools, and two mannequins.

We need:

  • 2 single industrial sewing machines
  • 1 industrial overlocking machine
  • 1 grommet press
  • 1 heavy duty sewing machine
  • 1 basic embroidery machine
  • 1 cutting table
  • 1 tailor’s mannequin
  • 1 steam iron and board
  • 5 tailor’s scissors

We are also putting out an open call for donations of any new or used sewing material/equipment and sewing machines (amateur or professional) – the better equipped our workshop is the better we can perform.

FOR CORPORATES: Do you want to up your company’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)? We are looking for industry partners and we would love to connect with you.

FOR CREATIVES: If you are creating cool upcycled products we’d love to have them in our shop.

To find out more please email us at

Yay!  With your help and enthusiasm , this one’s going to be a winner!

Our Stretch GOALS: Pay it forward 

+ €2,500 (total €7,500)
If we reach the €7,500 goal, we will build an e-commerce website to enable us to sell the beautiful things that we and other crafters make to a wider audience. We will also be able to offer easy bookings to workshops and other activities we will be hosting.

+€2,500 (total €10,000)
If you help us reach this goal, we will kickstart our upskilling program. We will offer 5 people the chance to learn upcycling skills and, therefore, enable to generate an income.

Supporting this project will get us one step closer to a more sustainable and circular movement.

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