There Are No Bad Dogs by RAR – Real Animal Rights Foundation

To make every dog as adoptable as possible by ironing out any social and behavioural issues the dog may have

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Project Description

RAR – Real Animal Rights Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of all animals in Malta which in turn improves the life of pet parents and animal lovers in general.

Dog sanctuaries in Malta are always full, with five Voluntary Dog Shelters and one state-run shelter constantly housing an average of 300 dogs at any one time. This means that there is never any space for dogs found roaming the streets or those that are confiscated from bad owners. This leads to more cruelty and suffering. A contributing factor is that a good number of difficult-to-home dogs occupy pens for a long time, if not for their whole lives. Most of these dogs are not aggressive but have trainable social behaviour issues. By addressing this problem, RAR would be making the lives of these ‘difficult’ dogs better, turning families into happy adopters, and freeing up much needed space in sanctuaries.

The main objective of this initiative is to make every dog as adoptable as possible by ironing out any social and behavioural issues the dog may have.

Secondary objectives include:

  1. Creating more space in existing sanctuaries will make it easier for the authorities to confiscate dogs whenever necessary, and to rescue dogs from the street,
  2. By freeing spaces in sanctuaries through increased adoptions, more pens will be available for dogs whose owners become permanently or temporarily incapacitated due to illness, injured dogs, abandoned dogs and abused dogs,
  3. Educating children and the general public that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners,
  4. Pushing more adoptions (versus purchases) /#adoptdontshop,
  5. Removing the stigma of certain breeds,
  6. Increasing the adoptions of big strong dogs who are usually the last to be considered,
  7. Making Malta a more animal conscious country,

The Real Animal Rights Foundation believe that with the right attention from professional behaviourists these ‘unsociable’ dogs can be trained to become more sociable and more adoptable. Long term training (approx. 10 to 15 sessions per dog) has proven to be very successful and if necessary, would go in the adoptive house after a dog has been adopted by a family.


  • By increasing adoptions of long-timers in sanctuaries RAR would be helping families find their ideal pet without resorting to buying one.
  • By freeing the pens, RAR will be making more space for more rescues and alleviating the pressure from the sanctuaries.
  • By training ‘difficult to home’ dogs, RAR also make owning a dog safer and the public in general is also in a safer place.
  • This type of training is highly successful and provides dogs with a second chance to be a member of a family – making both canines and humans happy.
  • By filming short clips and airing them, the initiative RAR plans to expose its success with the general public which will encourage people to resort to training when necessary and to donate to RAR to keep the initiative ongoing, thus making it sustainable

The overall budget of this initiative is Eur100,000 for 160 dogs to benefit. Any little bit helps them get closer to their target. Donate and be a changemaker too!

RAR – Real Animal Rights Foundation is a Changemakers semi-finalist. For more information on how to support RAR, visit

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