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Inclusivity with a smile. This is Co-op hopes to be a springboard and example for the creation of more social cooperatives in Malta

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Project Description

The European Disability Forum (EDF) shows that only 50.8% of people with disabilities in the European Union are in employment. This is in stark contrast with the 74.8% of people without disabilities who are in employment. Furthermore, the unemployment rate of people with disabilities aged between 20 and 64 is 7% higher than that of people in the same age group without disabilities (Social Economy Europe, 2020). This is often due to misconceptions and judgements of people’s abilities. The employment offered to these young people is often in sheltered workshops with little opportunity to work within the mainstream market.

The founding members of This is Co-op are all educators with years of experience of working with students with disabilities. This experience has shown them the strengths, loyalties, and capabilities of these young people. This is Co-op would like to offer employment which, although still somewhat sheltered, is inclusive, dignified and within a community setting. Eventually, these young people can take the plunge into the mainstream economy, if they are inclined and ready to do so. Moreover, they are ready to partner with secondary schools to provide work experience especially for students doing the ACHIEVE programme, and to provide a wider educational campaign re inclusion and ethical sourcing and the cooperative model.

This is Co-op are proposing giving agency through empowerment, thus helping persons with disability to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. This initiative aims to act not only for people with disabilities but also, and most importantly, with them. The idea is that when these young people are ready, the Co-op would have been their springboard to more opportunities in the general market.


  • Giving agency through empowerment
  • Young people with disability can become more confident
  • More young people will have control over their life
  • Claiming their rights
  • Springboard to more opportunities in the general market

The overall budget of this initiative is around Eur100,000. Any little bit helps them get closer to their target. Donate and be a changemaker too! For more information on their initiative, check out their Pitch Deck here.

This is Co-op is a Changemakers semi-finalist. For more information on how to support Koperattiva This is Co-op. visit

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