University of Malta Futsal Away Kit 2016/17

The University of Malta Students' Futsal Team needs your help to raise funds for its new Away Kit for the Season 2016/17! Want to make your mark on the Campus-based Futsal Team's destiny? Contribute now!

University of Malta Students' Futsal Team Community December 15, 2016 at 9:32 am
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Project Description



The University of Malta Students’ Futsal Team has been since its inception in May of 2014, the living and breathing embodiment of Student Activism; a project of the Students, by the Students and for the Students! Now we turn to you for help as we raise funds for a new Away Kit for the 2016/2017 Season!

We’ve been competing in the national Futsal Championships for 3 seasons, and the level of support and enthusiasm provided by the Student Body has been overwhelming and humbling to say the least. We want to give something back to our Community of Supporters, and express our gratitude not only in empty platitudes but in an innovative and tangible manner. So, for the first time ever, University of Malta Futsal is launching an Away Kit celebrating the people of all walks of life who are making our dreams come true; you the fans!

The Adidas Away Kit we shall be crowdfunding will celebrate YOUR contributions, no matter how big and small, by displaying the name and surname of each contribution (above 10 Euro) on the 8-pointed Cross we shall be sporting on the front of the Shirt. Your university colleagues representing your Alma Mater week in week out will be donning the Shirt with YOUR name on it as they enter the Court to battle it out against our rivals. By contributing to our Crowdfunding campaign you will be quite literally etching your name on a part of our history, and your name will be worn with immense pride by our warriors!

Futsal Malta Association Rules governing Futsal Competitions oblige every team to have a seperate away kit to avoid clashes in colour between squads, hence we are turning to our fanbase for help in fulfilling our duty towards the Association. 

If you believe in grassroots Sport and Student activism, this is your opportunity to contribute to a project that marries both! You will also be supporting an innovative concept that has not no equals or precedent in the Maltese Sports Scene. Don’t miss out, contribute now and help our young club grow in the right direction.



#ForzaKnights #UOMFutsal

Stretch Goals


Goalkeeper's Kit and Improved Delivery 750.00

Our next target is to raise funds to source the Goalkeeper's away Kits for the Season 2016/17 and to cover the cost of Home Delivering the Rewards.

3 Weeks of Training 1,000.00

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