Walk and Talk 2021

A birthday gift: Keep Walk and Talk going

Rachael Community September 19, 2021 at 9:21 am
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Project Description

I have been developing and expanding Walk and Talk over the last year on the side of my full time work and current medical battles. It has had an overwhelming impact in the community and the hard work is worth every moment.

However, unfortunately my medical condition has worsened to needing on-going invasive treatments abroad. My immediate concern was for how Walk and Talk would continue. The time that is dedicated to it is vast – from ensuring a good location for each walk, to fundraising for and obtaining refreshments, liaising with the community, and organising professional support and volunteers.

So for my birthday this year I ask you to help me keep Walk and Talk going, through raising enough money to fund the next 3 walks in 2021 while I undergo my medical treatment.

We have organised the locations and have wonderful support from the partners we now have (The Richmond Foundation, Mental Health Association Malta, and BirdLife Malta), but we need your help!

Just €20 allows an attendee to access the full support at the walk. If we get 75 people to donate €20, we hit our target, and help to change and even save lives!

Every little helps, so any amount you can donate is received with true gratitude and the best gift I could ask for this year.

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