Join Jonathan Dalli and Charlene Dalli Mintoff on their Camino de Santiago Challenge, uniting to raise funds for Hospice Malta

Jonathan Dalli, Founder and CEO of The Concept Stadium, a leading Creative Marketing Agency; and his wife Charlene Dalli Mintoff, will be embarking on the Camino de Santiago Challenge. This will be Jonathan’s second Camino and Charlene’s first. This challenging endeavour, themed #WalkWithMe, aims to raise funds for Hospice Malta and fulfil a promise made by Jonathan during last year's Bl-Imħabba Naslu telethon.

Jonathan Community September 12, 2023 at 7:15 pm
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Project Description

This comes following two donations made by The Concept Stadium and The Jonathan Chetcuti Program – a charitable initiative striving to uplift communities in need through projects that enhance lives whilst honouring the legacy of the late Jonathan Chetcuti, Co-Founder of The Concept Stadium, in support of Hospice Malta’s St Michael Hospice project. These contributions further demonstrate the commitment to give back to the community and make a positive tangible impact on the lives of others.

During the recent live telethon event held last month, “Bl-Imħabba Tiegħek Naslu”, both The Concept Stadium and The Jonathan Chetcuti Program presented donations to Hospice Malta. Both organisations were honoured to contribute funds amounting to €6,000 and €5,000, respectively. These donations will help support the finalization of the St Michael Hospice project, enabling Hospice Malta to continue providing exceptional palliative care to the local community, free of charge.

Having completed the Camino de Santiago Challenge in May 2022, Jonathan Dalli walked 130km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, raising an impressive €15,000 in support of The Jonathan Chetcuti Program. The funds were dedicated to building a Recreational Ground for a school in Ethiopia, a project inspired by the memory of Jonathan Chetcuti, Co-Founder and Guardian Angel of The Concept Stadium. This year, Jonathan and Charlene will be walking the Camino  Portuguese, following the completion of the Camino Frances.

“The best pleasures in life come from doing more than what’s expected of you. While doing what is expected helps you keep your to-do list short, it’s not as fulfilling as positively affecting someone else,” said Jonathan Dalli. “I will never forget the heartfelt support of Hospice Malta when we needed it, and that’s why Charlene and I are taking this literal extra step to show our gratitude. I’m thrilled to have her walking with me!”

The Concept Stadium and The Jonathan Chetcuti Program are proud to support Hospice Malta and its mission to provide exceptional palliative care to the local community. Through their donations and ongoing initiatives, they hope to inspire other businesses and individuals to join them in sustaining Hospice’s important work and commitment to supporting those in need.

Charlene and I are aware that this event will involve physical and personal sacrifice. Embracing this fact, we are however determined to ensure that these patients will enjoy these Hospice Malta facilities and enjoy time with their family; something Jon did throughout his beautiful life.

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