Let’s come together and support our community in Malta in these testing times

iGaming European Network Community April 16, 2020 at 3:07 pm
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Project Description

We Care

During these weeks, while struggling with your own challenges caring for loved ones, working from home,  self-isolation, and disruption to general life – many of us in the gaming industry have been asking ‘how can we contribute?’ 

Together we’re stronger

In this time, where not everyone is as fortunate as we are, several leaders in the iGaming industry have come together and formed an industry-wide fundraising drive. We are pleased to say that 21 iGaming companies and their employees are taking part. Our objective is to support the Maltese and Gozitan residents who have been most affected by the local shut down and isolation measures. 

We discussed a lot of areas where we could contribute and we decided by vote that the most basic of human needs is where we can make a big difference: food for families who need it most, and professional therapy for those who are passing through a difficult period in their life.

With regards to food for families in need, we chose to support the Malta Foodbank Lifeline Foundation which started off in mid-2015 and received the Foundation status in 2019. With regards to professional therapy, we chose to support The Richmond Foundation which started in the 1980s and was setup as a Foundation in 1993.

What is the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation?

The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation believes that no child or adult should ever experience hunger, so they do their utmost to ensure that these people have enough food to cover them in the short-term until a more long-term solution is found. The foodbank feeds scores of families and individuals every week and they have seen a spike of families in need during COVID-19.

Whom does the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation help?

To make sure that the foundation helps those who are really in desperate need, they can only offer support to people who have been referred to them by agencies such as Apogg, Child Protection, Mental Health and Oncology teams, Caritas, Sedqa, Jesuit Refugee Service or Parish Priests and Imams. They try to never turn anyone away. They are, however, not in a position to feed clients on a long term basis so they, therefore, collaborate closely with the Malta Community Chest Fund and other charitable organisations to ensure they provide food to those who are genuinely in need. ​The majority of those seeking their support are Maltese families going through financial difficulties.

What is the Richmond Foundation?

The Richmond Foundation offers all-round support to anyone experiencing mental health problems and the people who live and work with them. They’re determined to stamp out stigma through education and the promotion of mental wellbeing. Their goal is to ensure that those living with mental health problems live fulfilling lives in a community that accepts and understands them. 

What is the Gift of Therapy by the Richmond Foundation?

With the Gift of Therapy, you enable the Richmond Foundation to provide professional therapy to people who cannot afford to pay for the service.  Therapy sessions offer an opportunity to receive support and deal with issues that are affecting the person negatively.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for Richmond’s services has increased significantly.  Through the Gift of Therapy, you are able to help others to find the support they need.

How will my donation help?

The first set of 6 rewards will go to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. Through these donations, they will be able to provide food packages to families in need as per the below approximations:

  • EUR 10 – food for the average family for 2 days
  • EUR 20 – food for the average family for 5 days
  • EUR 30 – food for the average family for 1 week
  • EUR 60 – food for the average family for 2 weeks
  • EUR 90 – food for the average family for 3 weeks

The following set of 5 rewards will go to the Richmond Foundation. Through these donations, they will be able to provide professional therapy to the people who need support but cannot afford it. Each therapy session costs €50 and with your donations, you will be able to help someone get access to these sessions. At the moment, due to COVID-19, therapy is being provided online.

Can I share this on social media/with friends?

Yes, certainly, in fact, we would appreciate your help in sharing with friends, suppliers or others outside of your organisation who you feel would like to contribute toward our fundraising drive. Please use #WeAreiGaming.

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