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Xemx is a trade school to be set up in Phnom Penh, with the aim to teach skills to marginalized youths to help them break out of the poverty cycle.

Reaching Cambodia Community February 20, 2016 at 10:04 am
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Project Description

 About Reaching Cambodia

Reaching Cambodia is a non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary organisation (VO/0870) registered in Malta with the mission statement to help and improve the life of poor, orphan and street children in Cambodia. It was set up in November 2013 by three long term friends, through a common love for travelling and helping others. Reaching Cambodia presently has a compliment of 9 dedicated team members, supported by volunteers, local companies, & donors.
Since its origin, Reaching Cambodia has been engaged in different initiatives that help support partner NGOs in Cambodia, amongst them:

We are committed to make a difference and improve lives, however, we cannot do it alone. We need your help!

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Xemx logoThe programme XEMX (sun in Maltese) seeks to give a concrete contribution, through education whilst giving safe job opportunities to marginalised youths who finished their primary education and who now have no next stepping stone or have dropped out of school due to financial reasons or social problems.

XEMX’s aim is to provide skills to these youths at zero costs.  It shall encourage them to develop into responsible adults whilst also improving their English education level.  Enrolled students shall receive all their study material and also a stipend that will help them to continue supporting their families whilst studying.  The target is to start off by enrolling youths in learning a trade, such as sewing.  Learning sewing also ensures that all those trainees will get a job after finishing their course and become knowledgeable to work for XEMX shop in the future with its own designed branded items.  Once the project kicks off more students can be enrolled every year.

Xemx Infographic

The origin of XEMX

Even though it’s possible in Cambodia to pursue higher education, this comes at a hefty cost which most of these youths’ families are not able to afford. Orphans too, end up with no further possibilities. Born into a country with one of the highest rates of child prostitution, domestic violence and child labour, Cambodian children and youths are among the most deprived, exploited and abused in the world. Reaching Cambodia recognised the need to give these youths, hope for a brighter future. This led to the origin of XEMX.

How XEMX will work

XEMX is set to open in the beginning of February 2016, when Denise  and Silvan, two of the founders of Reaching Cambodia, will be in Phnom Penh to supervise the project. The target is to start off with 5 to 10 marginalized youths.  Four sewing machines will be set up for the training, and other material shall be purchased to use for the sewing classes as needed.

Classes will take place in an already designated workshop which shall also serve as the premises for XEMX shop. The shop will be available for visiting from volunteers and tourists, and the products will also be available for exporting to any country as necessary.

The second year will follow on the same steps, 5 to 10 new students shall be enrolled whilst the then qualified students train and create new items. The best trainees in the first year might also be select as a trainer for the next few years of the project.

Xemx logo iconReaching Cambodia’s vision is to have XEMX becoming self-sustainable and hence through the income generated from XEMX shop, more students can be enrolled, more skills will be offered and also more services to help Cambodian communities will be available.  The duration of the project is indefinite and it will be re-evaluated upon the completion of the third year to ensure the integrity of the project.

The Budget

A brief breakdown of the budget for one year:

  • Utilities, Rent & Maintenance of the premises: €3,400
  • Sewing class material, including four sewing machines, thread, fabrics, tools and other related material: €3,800
  • Teachers & Project Coordinator wages: €6,000
  • Pocket Money for Students (€30 per month for 5 students for a whole year): €1,800

Why do we care? And why should you?

We have seen how a small act of support can make a big difference in someone’s life which makes us passionate about our work. The support you provide will help in making a change in a person’s life and to an extent a change in his family’s life, and we are committed to help you make this change happen.

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