A multidisciplinary project which takes place at a local supermarket linking art to commerce.

Kristina Borg Culture January 30, 2017 at 12:35 pm
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Project Description

Whether it’s done weekly or monthly, whether we like it or not, the supermarket remains one of the places we visit the most.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU BUY by Miss K departs from a reflection on our need to affirm ourselves as consumers. Through a multidisciplinary collaboration this project looks into the relationship between art and commerce, and how the art sphere is influenced by and reacts to the capitalist economy. In both sectors, artistic and economic, goods are produced to be circulated and in turn mediate our relations. Both research and final performance piece take place at Park Towers Supermarket, St Venera, where customers are invited to become part of the performance and fully activate the artwork.

Make it happen by joining us in this curious and unconventional move away from the typical art space.


A set of drawings and a final performance piece including a collection of wearable items.

An exhibition highlighting the documentation of the project.


Friday, 10th March – Sunday 19th March 2017


Park Towers Supermarket, St Venera

Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Valletta


Kristina Borg | Malta | Visual Artist and Project Leader

Virginia Monteforte | Italy – Malta | Social Anthropologist

Jean-Marc Cafa’ | Malta | Dramaturg

Silvia Simoncelli | Italy | Academic

Performers include Miriam Calleja, Elise Ellul, Sergio Laferla, Yandrick Agius, Zofia Sokołowicz and Norman Cristina.

Other collaborators: Maria Giulia Pace, Daniel John Galea, Stephanie Bonnici, Janine Ellul, Raisa Tarasova, Yasmin Galea, Gladys Micallef, Margit Waas, Serena Ellul Soler and Therese Dimech.

Photography and videography by Mat & Co. Studio







This project is supported by Spazju Kreattiv and Arts Council Malta – Malta Arts Fund.

Stretch Goals


YOU ARE WHAT YOU BUY publication 5,000.00

Our next target is to raise funds to cover the production costs of a publication through which we can share the research and findings of the YOU ARE WHAT YOU BUY journey. We believe that our project can lead to other studies and we are very willing to share our experience with you all.

Public talk 5,800.00

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