The Importance of your Project Story in Crowdfunding

Why creating a compelling project story is essential for successful crowdfunding!!?

Successful crowdfunding depends on building up an interested audience for your project in a short period of time and persuading them to support it.

This audience must identify with your cause in order to fund it, so appealing to their emotions and personal experiences is a sure-fire way to achieve this quickly.

Adding a compelling project story to your crowdfunding campaign will help you to engage with your crowd on this personal level, making them feel part of the project and vital to its success.

Here’s how to build a strong and powerful story, which may give your crowdfunding campaign the edge it needs to succeed.

Structure your Story

Simply by watching a film or reading a book one can appreciate the importance of a story that has an interesting and well-structured plot.

Giving your campaign’s project story a similarly well-executed structure will offer your potential backers a narrative to follow with a strong message, rather than just a collection of random thoughts about your project.

Taking your audience on your journey with you, with all its emotional ups and downs and lessons learned along the way, will help your backers to feel invested in the story, and to personally engage with your project enough to donate towards it.

Keep it Relevant

Clarity is key when it comes to explaining why your crowdfunding idea will benefit your backers, and the world.

Keeping your campaign story relevant and relatable will help persuade your backer to support your project instead of someone else’s, so when writing your story be sure to approach it from a backer’s perspective. If you were a potential backer for your project, what would you want to hear or see?

Be Specific

Having to absorb too much information can be off-putting for a potential backer, so try to streamline your campaign’s content to only the most important details with which your backers can make an informed decision.

Instead of long, dragging sections of text, make sure to stay specific and clear with the details you share, adding data where possible for credibility, which all helps to allay any doubts your backers may have about your project.

Particularly for a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign, we recommend listing clearly what your backers can expect to receive in return for their generosity, as this will be an incentive to them, while warding off any unwanted surprises that may crop up later.

Boost your Story with a Video

Since a moving image is worth a thousand words, adding a campaign video that summarises your project story will help you to quickly engage with your audience on an even greater personal level.

Featuring yourself and your campaign team in the footage will help your backers to ‘meet’ you and understand who is behind your project. The added opportunity it gives you in which to encourage potential backers to support your project, is also worth tenfold the time and effort required to create a high-quality, high-impact project story video.