RIDT – University of Malta Research Trust

Reinventing ourselves to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

What is the RIDT?

RIDT is a trust fund with the object of furthering the advancement of research, innovation and development in all areas of study, knowledge and activity in Malta.

The Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) of the University of Malta was established in 2011 to create a supporting structure that sustains and expands research in all areas of study, by providing additional funds that supplement the existing modest resources. 

Thanks to donations received over these 10 years, the RIDT could fund projects such as the Mobile Dental Clinic, and Malta’s first ever space project ‘Maleth”. These, together with other projects in health, art, climate change, archaeology and artificial intelligence could only happen thanks to the generosity of the Maltese public.

The University of Malta belongs to the whole community and serves this community. Your contribution, whether large or small, can make a difference.          


What is Zaar Crowdfunding?

Zaar is the first Maltese crowdfunding platform. Zaar helps individuals, start-ups, NGOs and other entities raise funds from the public to finance their projects, ideas, and products.

Since 2021, Zaar and RIDT have collaborated to boost and encourage more people to support the much-needed research that happens behind many projects and without which the projects wouldn’t be possible.

RIDT Projects 2022

RIDT Projects 2021

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