The Simshar DVD: A PR Success Story

We often talk about how intrinsic the link between successful crowdfunding and good PR is – and here’s proof.

Here at, we recently provided the platform for the Simshar team to raise funds to produce and sell the DVD of their award-winning 2014 film. The project went brilliantly, and the team exceeded their target and raised over €4,600.

“Part of that success comes from the very strong PR campaign that the Simshar team ran in conjunction with our own in-house consultants and social media experts,” says Matt Caruana, Zaar’s manager. “This meant that there was a constant stream of information being sent out to potential backers, in the form of online news, social media posts, mailshots, print articles, radio interviews, TV clips and more.”

simshar-graphAs the below graph clearly shows, interest in the crowdfunding project shot up every time a PR activity took place, thus keeping interest going by reaching out to new people at every possible opportunity.

This approach is highly recommended within the crowdfunding community and, at Zaar, we suggest that each campaign team works closely with our PR team to maximise on the possible opportunities out there. “If you think about the many interesting ‘news’ angles that your project brings to the table, then you can come up with something for everyone,” Matt continues.

“This varies from an initial press release about the launch of the project, to TV or radio interviews with the different team members and regular news updates about the progress of your campaign and stretch-goals. It’s vital to consider all of your potential investors and to find interesting information that will grab their attention,” Matt says.

Of course, at Zaar we’re happy to share all of our expertise – PR and otherwise – with you to help make your campaign a success. It’s what we’re here for! So, for advice on how to plan your PR strategy to maximise its potential, chat to us today.