Highly Successful Crowdfunding Ideas

In the world of alternative finance, crowdfunding remains popular.

Bypassing more traditional finance channels such as bank loans or angel investors, crowdfunding offers projects, start-ups, new product ideas or charitable causes the chance to raise much-needed funds via its target audience.

Crowdfunding works by backers – or the ‘crowd’ – contributing small amounts towards a campaign to collectively help it reach its funding goal and support its cause.

Beyond generating funds, however, crowdfunding online via a platform offers a wealth of other benefits. By building, showcasing, pitching and presenting their idea all in one place digitally, project owners have an increased reach over a wider network of potential backers and experienced contacts. Likewise, creators are granted a new way to gain exposure and take merchandise pre-orders, while backers can enjoy early access to cutting-edge products.

Crowdfunding has become the financial springboard for a variety of diverse projects, from technological innovations and charitable causes to creative works and community projects. In 2019 alone, the following impressive crowdfunding campaigns achieved great success.

FITO Tap Pro Advanced Translation Earphones 

This technology-oriented campaign supported a new portable earphone, which offers instant voice translation so that anyone can read, write and speak in different languages, anywhere in the world.

The innovative product is designed to automatically detect more than 30 languages, translating them through an app.

HUDWAY Drive Portable Heads-Up Display

Another technology campaign, the HUDWAY Drive Portable Heads-Up Display projects onto a driver’s windshield an interactive display featuring maps, directions, incoming call, messages and notifications.

A selection of available add-ons can also improve the overall driving experience on everyday commutes and journeys, including a rear-view camera and a side-view camera to eliminate blind spots, or a night-vision camera to afford better night-time visibility.

Baubax Travel Pants

This campaign in the fashion category presented travel trousers designed with a range of 15 travel-friendly features such as moisture wicking, temperature regulation, stain and water resistance, breathability, odour resistance, stretch, and UPF 50+ protection.

The BauBax Travel Pants come in a variety of styles and in a high-performance material made from a unique merino wool and bamboo blend for maximum comfort.

The Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0 – Canyon by Tropicfeel

The Canyon by Tropicfeel campaign supported an all-terrain sneaker designed with 4-in-1 versatility. The Canyon provides all the benefits of aqua shoes, combined with the comfort of sport shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of an easy-to-wear daily shoe.

Constructed with the needs of modern travellers in mind, the Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0 is outfitted with greater durability, quick-dry technology and slip-resistant soles making them the only pair of shoes needed to suit every travel adventure.

ChopBox – The World’s Smart Cutting Board

Gadget enthusiasts had the chance to support this popular campaign for an innovative new cutting board.

The ChopBox combines five gadgets into one cutting board: a knife sharpener, measuring scale, a cooking timer, a UV steriliser and an additional chopping board.

Made of 100% recyclable bamboo, which is completely natural, organic and highly resistant, the board is waterproof and features a long-life battery that holds up to 30 days with a single charge.

Alpha Pillow: Air Cell Tech

Clever product design made this crowdfunding campaign especially popular.

The Alpha Pillow, a carbon infused memory foam pillow, moulds into the shape of the head and neck, supporting the sensitive pressure areas to aid relaxation and help tackle insomnia.

Featuring Ice Silk technology that combats moisture and body heat to provide instant coolness and comfort, the pillow is constructed from pure silver and bamboo, keeping the textile germ-free and absorbing any toxins to prevent mould growth, while air cells inside the pillow boost breathability.