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Hudson Foundation – Morocco Earthquake Donations

The Fund will go towards Hudson employees, their relatives, and others impacted by this devastating earthquake. Donations will cover the following:

  • The immediate care of all homeless people following the earthquake, particularly with regard to housing, blankets, as well as all basic needs. Taking care of people in difficult situations, in particular orphans and people in fragile situations.
  • The rehabilitation, support and reconstruction of destroyed houses in areas affected by the earthquake.
  • Expenses relating to encouraging economic actors to immediately resume activities in the areas concerned.
  • The constitution of reserves and stocks of basic needs in each region of the country, in order to face all kinds of disasters.
  • All other expenses related to the management of the effects of the earthquake.

Inclusive Escapes by Iniala – Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC)

Make a donation to Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC) for the Chance to Win: a Two Night Stay at Iniala Harbour House, a Dinner for Two People at ION Harbour by Simon Rogan and a Couple’s Spa Experience at Essensi Spa

In the enchanting embrace of Valletta, where the spirit of EuroPride 2023 ignites celebration and advocacy, Iniala Harbour House Hotel proudly unveils its transformative ‘Inclusive Escapes’ campaign.

From September 7th to September 17th – dependent on weather – the historic St Barbara Bastion will resonate with the echoes of profound words and daring expressions, as we honour the legacy of six remarkable LGBTQ+ icons who have, in their uniqueness, shaped the tapestry of our shared humanity.

As Oscar Wilde once eloquently articulated, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Through ‘Inclusive Escapes,’ we embark on a journey beyond mere existence—a journey that echoes the sentiment of Virginia Woolf’s profound words: “Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

Freddy Mercury, whose immortal lyrics continue to reverberate through time, aptly reminds us that “The show must go on.” And indeed, it does, as we pay homage not only to Freddy’s musical prowess but also to the enduring resilience of all marginalised voices that refuse to be silenced.

In a world coloured by the audacity of Frida Kahlo’s brushstrokes and the innovation of Yves Saint Laurent’s designs, we find ourselves surrounded by a symphony of creativity that transcends boundaries and empowers us to embrace our authentic selves. Marsha P. Johnson, a courageous trans activist, reminds us that “Trans rights are human rights,” and her enduring commitment to justice serves as a beacon for a more inclusive world.

Through the ‘Inclusive Escapes’ campaign, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and connection, where the past intertwines with the present, and where unity is cultivated through diversity. As these six iconic figures continue to inspire and guide us, we stand together as a testament to the unyielding strength of the human spirit.

Join us in capturing the essence of this historical celebration and advocacy by sharing your moments with these transformative artworks positioned outside Iniala Harbour House, overlooking the UNESCO Grand Harbour. Let the beauty of the past shape the present as we look towards a future where every voice is heard, every identity celebrated, and every heart uplifted.

This is an Iniala Harbour House campaign in collaboration with EuroPride 2023, Allied Rainbow Communities, iLab Photo and Pictures & Frames – raising funds for NGO, Allied Rainbow Communities.

Andrea Calleja Crowdfunds for Life-Changing Procedure

Malta’s ‘Batman’ hopes his new Zaar campaign will raise the funds needed for an innovative procedure to restore movement to his legs. Andrea Calleja – known in Malta as ‘Batman’ – has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Zaar to cover the costs of a potentially life-changing procedure. In October 2022, keen athlete Andrea was seriously injured in The Gridread more

Help Protect Malta’s Environment, With Crowdfunding

A new campaign on Zaar aims to support the Malta Ranger Unit in its mission to safeguard the island’s natural environment.   Everyone can now help increase environmental protection in Malta, via a new crowdfunding campaign on local platform, Zaar. The Malta Ranger Unit (MRU) – a newly formed NGO – launched the fundraising campaign to help increase its manpowerread more

Let’s increase Environmental Protection in Malta

Malta Ranger Unit is a newly registered Maltese eNGO (VO/2443) with safeguarding the environment as their main priority. The Unit came about after a group of people observed that the ratio between occurring environmental crimes in the Maltese countryside and the successful prosecution in Court was not on the side of the environment.

They came up with policies to tackle the following main challenges.

  1. People seemed to not be aware of the Environmental Laws of Malta and it led to few reports being filed.
  2. There is a climate of fear when it comes to reporting crimes, with the witness worrying about repercussions.
  3. When witness was willing to testify in court, the evidence wasn’t enough for successful prosecution.

The Rangers of MRU are continuously trained in Environmental Law, how to monitor breaches and how to document them for successful prosecution by the Authorities. MRU is 100% independent, meaning that all of our operations are solely funded by public and corporate donations. In being so, we guarantees a high level of integrity, particularly when it comes to highlighting systematic bureaucracy in the legislative and enforcement agencies.

(MRU already had many successful cases monitoring illegal dumping of waste, illegal fishing and illegal poaching among others)

The Unit’s main aims are to Protect the natural environment, Empower the Public through education and to Prevent environmental crimes. We wish to highlight that the indirect effect of safeguarding the natural environment is an improvement in the general mental health of the Public.

Our Rangers wish to highlight this correlation between a healthy environment and a healthy mind by writing a book on the topic. In August 2023 two of our Rangers will take off on an epic one month journey, walking 800 km across Spain to complete the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

During their walk, our Rangers will meet up with some amazing individuals, private persons and professionals within the field. They will compile the most heartfelt and interesting stories of the People of the Camino together with their own input on how the natural environment affects their mental health. The content of this book will be accompanied by photos representing the ups and downs of life and how nature can be used as a tool for us to cope with mental health challenges.

When they are back in Malta, the season will take off and we need not only more Rangers employed, but also equip them to make a better job in documenting illegalities. The daily operation to monitor the Maltese countryside and rural areas is costly and the Unit therefore launched this fundraiser to enable us to carry out or duty to safeguard our environment for the future generations to enjoy.

If you believe that Environmental Protection, Enforcement and Education matters, then this is the good cause you should invest in. A membership subscription with the MRU is an investment in your own, as well as others’ wellbeing. For less than the cost of two cappuccinos you can make your voice heard!

Birthday Coming Up? Give the Gift of Giving, With Crowdfunding!

Raise money for a cause that you care about, through Zaar’s new Birthday Campaigns service. Malta’s local crowdfunding platform Zaar has launched a new service that could make your next birthday gift transform lives and support the causes that matter most to you. Zaar’s Birthday Campaigns service offers a new way to celebrate by making a difference to a charitableread more

Help Jasmine Fight Cerebral Palsy with Crowdfunding

A new Zaar campaign hopes to make a huge difference to little Jasmine’s quality of life with a revolutionary treatment called Neurocyton. A recently launched crowdfunding campaign on local platform Zaar hopes to help a little girl in Malta overcome the limitations of cerebral palsy. Jasmine’s life had a challenging start, enduring countless days and months in the hospital followingread more

Introducing Jasmine’s Journey to Hope: Together, We Can Make a Difference

Jasmine’s life began with a challenging start, enduring countless days and months in the hospital. But she never lost her fighting spirit, and now, against all odds, she has finally taken her first steps towards healing and is working hard to get better every day.

However, the road to a brighter future is still long and challenging. Jasmine needs continuous support with therapies to help her improve her motor skills and overcome her limitations.

Exploring New Possibilities:Exploring New Possibilities: In our mission to help Jasmine improve, we delved deep into various research studies and came across a revolutionary treatment called Neurocyton, offered by Neurocytonix in Mexico. This groundbreaking treatment employs non-thermal and non-radioactive radiofrequency pulses to target the brain. It’s a beacon of hope that promises to heal and improve the lives of children like Jasmine.

By gently administering these pulses in a non-invasive manner, Neurocyton aims to help the brain heal and create new neurotracts. The treatment will span across 28 days, with one hour of focused care each day. The treatment will commence in September.

From the treatment itself to the necessary accommodations, flights, medications, and other expenses, the total investment required reaches a figure of approximately 65,000 euros. After this treatment Jasmine need to continue on her daily therapies to continue strengthen her motor, sensory and communication skills. Therefore, we ask for your support and contribution to help us ensure that Jasmine receives the care that she deserves. Each and every single act of kindness will surely leave an incredible mark on her journey.

On behalf of Jasmine, we extend our deepest gratitude for your continuous support throughout her journey.

Together, let us rewrite Jasmine’s story.

Help a Little Girl to Walk, With Crowdfunding

A new Zaar campaign hopes to help fund four-year-old Kate’s surgery to enable her to stand and walk, free from pain. A recently launched crowdfunding campaign hopes to raise funds towards the life-changing surgery of a child in Malta. The Let’s give Kate Hope to Walk campaign launched earlier this month on local platform, Zaar, aims to raise €15,000 towardsread more