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Make a Miracle Happen!

JCI Malta has teamed up with the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation to fundraise donations for the foodbank to feed the individuals and families who come to their doors. Due to the pandemic, the Foodbank is currently feeding over 250 individuals and families a week…that’s over a 1000 families a month, and their resources are running out. Help us make a miracle happen!

The people in need are vetted and followed by a social worker, ensuring that all those making use of the foodbank are truly people in need. They are also supported to be elevated out of your poverty – your donation will help that effort, ensuring that they have their basic needs so that they can focus on other necessities.

But, why money?

The Foodbank Lifeline needs to ensure that their work is sustainable throughout the year. Unfortunately, during the year food item donations may reduce or run out, and they need to turn to their money to ensure that they can keep supporting all the families who need them, providing people in need with the food items they need to get by. To lighten their load, we would like to collect as many funds as possible for them to survive throughout 2021…and beyond.

Through some calculations with the foodbank, they need over €5000 a week to feed 250 families… can we help them?