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Overcome your Fears for good

Claire Piloto is terrified of the open seas and of heights. To overcome these fears, her daughter Jemma suggested they go parasailing. Claire wasn’t very keen on the idea and instead preferred to stay home with a nice warm cup of team on her favorite armchair.

Unfortunately, Jemma was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away a few years ago. The situation became even more complex around Claire’s birthday in September of 2019 when she had to undergo surgery.

Now fully recovered, Claire has decided to take her daughter’s suggestion and decided to overcome her fears. Claire also wanted to give back and help the community by offering to raise funds for Hospice Malta. She said that if she raised enough money to help other people, she would be sure that overcoming her fears would be a positive experience and a beneficial one.

Her friend Lynne encouraged her to “push the boat out” and helped her contact a watersports club in Qawra. Lynne will be accompanying Claire on her adventure should she manage to raise enough money.

Help Claire overcome her fears and raise money for Hospice Malta. Donate now!