Urgent Crowdfunding Appeal Launched for Kenyan Children

The Zaar crowdfunding campaign by Sponsor My Future supports the lives and education of vulnerable children living in extreme poverty in Kenya

A crowdfunding campaign on Zaar hopes to raise sponsorship fees for children in desperate need of help in Kenya.

Launched by Sponsor My Future, the urgent appeal will help four orphans – who have no known relatives or anywhere to live – to receive the required support and the opportunity to complete their education, having been homed in safe and stable facilities.

Sponsor My Future is a Maltese non-profit organisation, which helps a community of children and adolescents living in the slums of Ruiru, Kenya, around 25km from the capital city of Nairobi. The programme supports the education and livelihood of children from underprivileged backgrounds, aiming to give them an education that will enable them to lift themselves, and their families, out of poverty.

“Every donation to the programme provides a child with valuable opportunities for growth and development, so that they can reach their full potential both at home and at school,” explains Sponsor My Future founder Laura Paris, who established the programme in 2016 in collaboration with the Daughters of the Sacred Heart, an international Missionary Congregation founded in Malta in 1903.

“These four children are just some of those who desperately need our help in Ruiru – a densely populated slum area where most live in unfavourable conditions due to lack of electricity, water and drainage systems. This highly unhygienic and polluted environment leaves the population vulnerable to disease and violence, which can lead to deaths and parentless children. With the help of the generous support of the Maltese public through Zaar, we hope we can make a difference for these children.”

The Zaar campaign’s funding goal of €3000 aims to pay for the sponsorship fees of the four children, which covers school tuition and public exam fees, whilst also overcoming any barriers to learning such as ensuring they have uniform, shoes, books, stationery, hygiene essentials and nutritious daily meals. Any additional funds raised via Zaar will support the wider community who often struggle to make a living and need practical help with food and medical supplies, job-seeking assistance, and food-aid packages once a month. This includes a group of single mothers and the elderly, as well as a feeding programme catering to 50 children including the homeless.

While every donation to the campaign will help change the lives of children in need, backers can also select the option to support a child for an entire week, month, a four-month school term or even a year, covering their school fees, uniform, books, stationery, lodging, regular counselling services and three meals per day throughout.

Visitors are invited to donate to the Urgent Appeal for Sponsorship Fees campaign at www.zaar.com.mt. More information about Sponsor My Future is also available at www.sponsormyfuture.org.