Zaar Campaign Crowdfunds to Empower Women Through Craft

My Cutie Rag Doll is a social enterprise to help girls and jobless women find their feet and craft their future. 


A campaign has recently launched on local crowdfunding platform, Zaar, to support a new social project that could change the lives of women in need in Malta.

My Cutie Rag Doll will empower girls and jobless women by offering them a new skillset and a potential business opportunity that will generate income. Via targeted workshops, the project aims to employ at least 15 women, who can learn to produce and sell the ‘My Cutie Rag Doll’ from recycled materials.

“There is a need for such a community project since there are many jobless women, especially after the pandemic and with regions where employment opportunities for this specific target group are limited,” says project owner and My Cutie Rag Doll founder Petia Zasheva. “While My Cutie Rag Doll will offer women the possibility of an economically independent future through a sustainable business opportunity, it will do the same for me: allowing me to become a successful social entrepreneur and create an internationally recognised handmade soft toy brand.”

Planned in three stages, the project development includes creation of the doll, before conducting workshops, producing the dolls and selling the resulting My Cutie Rag Doll products and dolls. Customers may also co-create and finish these unique products themselves, based on pre-made design templates.

The campaign’s €1,000 funding goal is a percentage of the full amount required to complete the My Cutie Rag Doll initiative. However, these funds are critical to secure two new sewing machines and other workshop equipment, as well as create a website to promote the products, with an initial goal to sell the first 1000 dolls by Christmas 2023. Should the campaign not achieve its funding goal, all funds received will cover the costs of creating workshops around Christmas and become a donation to domestic violence shelters.

Beyond the satisfaction of empowering women in Malta and contributing towards a sustainable future, campaign backers will also receive a handmade gift as a token of thanks, according to the amount they donate.

“I have always been curious about how crowdfunding works – and since the project is in Malta, crowdfunding on Zaar to access the generous help and support of the local community is a good place to start,” concludes Ms Zasheva. “Every donation will help us get closer to our target of creating a sustainable community.”