Zaar Community is the Crowdfunding Platform Your NGO Needs 

Every organisation – NGO or otherwise – relies on funds to boost the impact it can have on its community. Social events and fundraisers have always played an important part in that outcome but, since COVID-19, that tried-and-tested route shut down. The raffles, pasta nights, car boot sales, gala dinners and countless other social events that once filled our calendars became few and far between, severely impacting most organisations’ abilities to achieve their financial goals and fulfil their mission statements. 

At Zaar, we realise that, just as the Internet has allowed working safely from home to grow from mere possibility into tangible reality, crowdfunding can enable communities to raise funds without the constraints of physical events. 

Our continued success at helping local entrepreneurial initiatives to successfully raise the funds that they need is testament to Zaar’s solid reputation as the best local platform for fundraising. Through Zaar’s Community sub-brand, registered charities and philanthropic organisations can receive donations online, expanding their reach to global sources of funding – all the better for reaching their targets and achieving their goals while benefiting from the transparency and accountability that the platform promotes. 

By establishing who you are as an organisation, the funding goal and deadline, and what the funding aims are – as well as tracking the progress of the funding – it is easier to empower people to contribute to the change that they want to see in the world and in their communities.

The process of getting funding through Zaar is seamless and we are there to help you every step of the way. After an initial call to discuss your needs, your organisation can register on the Zaar website and fill out our form with the necessary details to open your fundraising campaign. Once those details are finalised and the campaign goes live, the process of automatically collecting and tracking donations via our system begins.

As seamless and easy as the process of setting up the fundraising page is, we understand that it takes work to reach the people that will contribute to your cause, which is why Zaar offers to help promote local crowdfunding campaigns at no extra cost as part of the Zaar Community package. Through our comprehensive media package, Zaar can target your audience through online and offline media channels, helping you reach as many people as possible. This outreach service provides complimentary promotion including a press release that is distributed to local media, as well as media mentions and appearances where available. This is in addition to our online promotion on Zaar’s social media channels and Zaar’s online newsletter, taking full advantage of the agility that an online platform provides.

Zaar Community’s capacity to help charities, NGOs, and philanthropic organisations to reach their fundraising goals is not hypothetical. In 2020 and 2021, in the midst of the global pandemic, Zaar helped charities such as ‘Walk and Talk’ and ‘The Arnaud Guesry Foundation’ to secure the funding necessary to reach their goals. Walk and Talk ensured the future of its events to promote social wellbeing, while The Arnaud Guesry Foundation found the backers necessary to sustain the La Maison d’Arnaud orphanage in Madagascar as the pandemic put further strain on its resources.

In these instances, and many others, Zaar Community can make, and has made, a tangible difference in the world just by making the process of giving a little easier. Could your project be next?

Giselle Borg Olivier was recently appointed Manager for the Zaar Crowdfunding Platform.